Kirsten Oliphant

Kirsten Oliphant

Create If Writing Podcast

Kirsten Oliphant is a writer with a masters degree in Fiction and a minor in coffee consumption. She is the author of Email Lists Made Easy for Writers and Bloggers and hosts the Create If Writing Podcast for writers, bloggers, and creatives who want to build an online platform without being smarmy. When not wrangling her five children and two dogs, she is helping people connect with their perfect audience through email.


Let’s connect! I like to talk about coffee, the terrifying things my kids do, writing, and building authentic platform.

Newsletters and Email Marketing

The Cedar Room

You are working on your email list, but is your email list working for you?   In this session you will hear from two email experts on the different ways you can achieve the same goal: creating a lasting connection with readers through your list.    Mary Younkin will be sharing her process for writing […]