Kita Roberts

Kita Roberts

Author - Pass the Sushi & Girl Carnivore

Kita Roberts is a food writer, recipe developer and travel photographer. Blogging since 2010, she has been delivering recipes for aspiring cooks on PasstheSushi and GirlCarnivore. When she is not in the kitchen, she is kicking up dust on trails looking for the next wild hands on adventure across the globe. Capturing authentic moments from behind her lens and sharing global stories has a huge spot in Kita’s heart and has transformed her in positive ways, inspiring a wider global view not just in her kitchen, but in her overall life focus.

Getting Started in Travel Blogging

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Curious on how to break into the travel blog scene? Wondering if expanding your blog with your passion for travel? Kita is going to give her no-nonsense talk on how she has transitioned from food blogger to travel blogger in last 2 years, disclosing everything, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable.