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Who is Mediavine?

Mediavine has been an Internet Publisher since 2004. We own and operate The Hollywood Gossip, TV Fanatic, Movie Fanatic and Food Fanatic. In 2013, when Food Fanatic was launched and our relationship with food bloggers began, we learned we weren’t alone in our frustrations with the way current ad networks are run.

Networks were treating us as if they, and the advertisers, were the only ones with value. They told us what we should be paid and how we should run our sites. We were supposed to feel lucky to give them access to run their ads all over our sites.

When we took over our own advertisement sales, we realized something revolutionary - we, the publishers, have the value.

We create the content. We built the brand. We attract the audiences the advertisers want. If we’re allowing them to run advertisements on our sites, we should be setting the rules.

In short, we changed the story.

Now you can too.

The Mediavine Difference

First and foremost, we’re publishers too. Every ad solution you see in place on the Mediavine Publisher Network has been tried and tested on our own sites first.

We’re dedicated to full transparency. You’ll always know how much we’re making, because it’s always a flat percentage. There are no hidden fees for administrative work, onboarding costs, or server charges.

There is no "Top 30" list here. There are no two tiers of offerings. Whether you get 30 million pageviews a month or 30 thousand, you’re getting the best, most customized service in the industry.

Most importantly, we're in this for the long haul. We've been independent publishers for over a decade thanks to our ability to adapt. We'll continue to evolve, and help you do the same.

Fresh Approach to Advertisements

Sick of watching your advertising revenue drop year over year while your traffic grows? Or worse, are you watching your traffic AND revenue drop? It's time for a change.

We look at advertisements radically different. We have no remnant ads here. Every impression is valuable at the Mediavine Publisher Network. Direct sales are just a part of the solution.

TLC was right. Those waterfalls have been destroying your site. By running multiple ad networks, each at a lower price than the one before means you're in a race to the bottom.

At Mediavine, we run a single auction with all advertisers competing at once. Let the advertiser who want to pay the most serve their ad.

That also means one price floor - a high one. Stop selling your site for cheap. We'd rather show no ad than give away a spot for a fraction of a penny.

First In Class Dashboard.

We were founded on transparency and we take it very seriously. Every advertising opportunity we bring to you will be reported in your dashboard, an included service that will always be available so you can know what your check will be before it shows up.

We calculate the Industry's only consistent RPM - we use your own Google Analytics to tell you exactly what you're making per pageview.

There's also advanced reporting with breakdown by ad position, partner and device type.

Solutions for the Future.

We've built our ad technology free of the burden of legacy ad networks. It's future proof and ready to grow with your site. You install a single script and we will optimize all placements on your site.


Using lazy-loading and other speed tricks, our network maintains over 70% viewability, making advertisers VERY happy.

Mobile First

We can help you monetize your own responsive site. Lack a mobile site? We'll get you a Google-approved one.

Ad Block

With ad block detection, we'll identify when ad block becomes a problem for your site and help you address the problem.


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