AI and Our Commitment to a Creator-First Future

March 7, 2024

While generative AI is rapidly evolving, Mediavine recognizes the need to take a stand and shape the future of this new technology, the publishing community and the open web itself.

Mediavine began as an independent web publishing company. Now, in our 20th year in business, we are as committed as we were on day one to keeping publishing alive and flourishing.

Why? Because without publishers, there is no open web. There is no content to train the models that power AI. There is no internet.

That sounds bleak, but only if we do nothing. The power is in our hands.

The path to a free, open internet and prosperous future for content creators begins with a position all of us can unite behind and build upon.

Mediavine’s Policy on AI-Created Content

We do not monetize low-quality, mass-produced, unedited or undisclosed AI content that is scraped from other websites.

We will not tolerate publishers using AI to create untested recipes or any other form of low-quality content that devalues the contributions of legitimate content creators.

This policy is already incorporated into Mediavine’s thorough vetting processes undergone by all publishers applying for our services. 

We’re also developing faster, automated tools to help us identify low-quality, mass-produced AI content across the web.

If previously-vetted websites begin producing lower quality content instead, we will catch it and take immediate action.

The Advocate For Publishers

As both an independent publisher and internet giant, we are in the unique position to meet regularly with and influence industry leaders on behalf of creators.

As an elite Google Certified PublishingPartner Premier, using our platform to advocate for publishers is what we do. That’s our job. 

Every day, in every arena, we are fighting this fight.

Google recently sent a message that it is cracking down on the kind of mass produced, low value content Mediavine and creators everywhere have denounced.

Mediavine, our technology partners and many national brands who advertise with us have no tolerance for unchecked content — be it human or AI-created. 

This will not change. Defining and defending the highest quality standards for publishing is fundamental to who we are as a company and integral to all of our futures.

Mediavine’s Use of AI

We use AI responsibly at Mediavine and encourage publishers to do the same. 

Using generative AI where it’s currently strongest — e.g. writing alt tags for visually impaired readers — can make it a useful tool to help creators, not replace them.

We Are In This Together

No one truly knows what the future will look like with generative AI. That’s why sweeping, blanket statements are challenging — likely impossible — to credibly make.

What we do know is that AI needs us. 

This goes beyond the success of any one site or even Mediavine as a company. This is the internet as we know it at stake.

We are here to take a stand — for you and with you — to ensure that independent creators are properly compensated for the content they make.