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We’re more than just a network. We’re a family. We are about our publishers, and want them to succeed in all aspects of their business. From SEO tools and tips to make the most of the content you have, to networking opportunities that will help you learn from your peers and devise strategies to grow your traffic, we’ve got your back.

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Our Story

Mediavine has been an Internet publisher since 2004. We own and operate The Hollywood Gossip, TV Fanatic and Food Fanatic, which launched in 2013 and marked a turning point in our relationship with publishers and the advertising industry.

With the inception of Food Fanatic, we learned from our contributors that when it comes to frustrations with the way most ad networks operate, we weren’t alone. We wanted to do better and put control back into the hands of the publishers.

Networks typically treat publishers as if they, and the advertisers, are the only ones with value, dictating how publishers should run their sites, how they should handle advertising, and how they should be paid in a one-sided relationship.

We’re changing that. After pioneering new ad tech strategies allowing our own sites to thrive like never before, a few Food Fanatic contributors asked us if we could do better for them too. From that point forward, the Mediavine Publisher Network was born.

our team

In all seriousness

  • Eric Hochberger


    Coder. Developer of the coolest things. Sometimes mistaken for Bradley Cooper.

  • steve-3

    Stephen Marsi


    Editor-in-Chief of The Hollywood Gossip. Proficient in SEO, audience development, traffic acquisition, and more reality TV shows than he cares to admit at family functions.

  • amber-headshot

    Amber Bracegirdle


    Managing editor of Food fanatic. Baker extraordinaire. Most tagged person in Facebook groups.

  • matt-2

    Matt Richenthal


    The Editor-in-Chief of TV Fanatic, Matt also oversees content development on The Hollywood Gossip and is in charge of payroll. He has been mistaken on numerous occasions for Eric’s twin, which must mean he also looks like Bradley Cooper.

  • Brad Hagmann

    Director of Ad Operations

    Keeper of all the spreadsheets, master of the launch calendar. Tagging up all the sites, helping publishers make all the money.

  • Nicole Johnson

    Director of Publisher Accounts

    Communicates almost entirely by GIF. Loves blogging, conferencing, and hard apple cider.

  • megan

    Megan Myers

    Events Manager

    Drink ticket distributor, swag collector. Magic maker and dreamer of dreams.


  • heather-profile

    Heather Tullos

    Publisher Support

    Multi-tasker extraordinaire. Rescues all the dogs. Requires copious amounts of coffee and is slightly addicted to podcasts. But seriously though… ALL. the. Dogs

  • alex-profile

    Alex Roth

    Software Developer

    Creating awesome things. Making lives easier. CHANGING THE WORLD. Doing what he loves.

  • Susannah

    Susannah Brinkley

    Publisher Support

    Font nerd. Cocktail enthusiast. Instagrams all the things.

  • Erin Miller

    Erin Miller

    Influencer Marketing

    Mother of 3 kids. Mother of 3 chickens. South Carolina native. Karaoke ninja. Pho soup addict.

  • Eric Nolte

    Eric Nolte

    Software Developer

    Mechanic, brewer, musician, husband and father. He’s also written a few lines of code in his life.

  • Brian Nelson

    Software Developer

    Naive but noble rube. OG Nodak. Traveler. Writes more code than English sentences.


  • Stephie Predmore

    Director of Influencer Marketing

    Food nerd. Bookworm. Crazy cat and dog lady. Loves connecting brands and influencers to make the magic happen.


  • Adam Carter

    WordPress Engineer

    Biggest Royals fan west of the Mississippi and east of the Missouri, WordPress guru, chess nerd, player of guitars and pianos.


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