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We’re not an ad network. We’re a family. We are about our publishers, and want them to succeed in all aspects of their business. Our mission is to help content creators build sustainable businesses. From SEO tools and tips to make the most of the content you have, to networking opportunities that will help you learn from your peers and devise strategies to grow your traffic, we’ve got your back.

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Our Story

Mediavine has been an Internet publisher since 2004. We own and operate The Hollywood Gossip, TV Fanatic and Food Fanatic, which launched in 2013 and marked a turning point in our relationship with publishers and the advertising industry.

With the inception of Food Fanatic, we learned from our contributors that when it comes to frustrations with the way most ad networks operate, we weren’t alone. We wanted to do better and put control back into the hands of the publishers.

Networks typically treat publishers as if they, and the advertisers, are the only ones with value, dictating how publishers should run their sites, how they should handle advertising, and how they should be paid in a one-sided relationship.

We’re changing that. After pioneering new ad tech strategies allowing our own sites to thrive like never before, a few Food Fanatic contributors asked us if we could do better for them too. From that point forward, Mediavine was born.

Mediavine is privately owned, with no outside investors. We answer to our publishers and our ad partners, making us the most agile company in this space. We’re founded by publishers, owned by publishers, and ready to help you navigate the future of ads as a publisher yourself.

our team

In all seriousness

  • Eric Hochberger


    Coder. Developer of the coolest things. Sometimes mistaken for Bradley Cooper.

  • Stephen Marsi


    Editor-in-Chief of The Hollywood Gossip. Proficient in SEO, audience development, traffic acquisition and more reality TV shows than he cares to admit at family functions.

  • Amber Bracegirdle


    Managing editor of Food fanatic. Baker extraordinaire. Most tagged person in Facebook groups.

  • Matt Richenthal


    The Editor-in-Chief of TV Fanatic, Matt also oversees content development on The Hollywood Gossip and is in charge of payroll. He has been mistaken on numerous occasions for Eric’s twin, which must mean he also looks like Bradley Cooper.

  • Brad Hagmann

    Director of Ad Operations

    Keeper of all the spreadsheets, master of the launch calendar. Tagging up all the sites, helping publishers make all the money.

  • Nicole Johnson, Mediavine

    Nicole Johnson

    Director of Publisher Accounts

    Communicates almost entirely by GIF. Loves blogging, conferencing and hard apple cider.

  • Megan Myers

    Events Coordinator

    Drink ticket distributor, swag collector. Magic maker and dreamer of dreams.

  • Heather Tullos

    Publisher Support Manager

    Multi-tasker extraordinaire. Rescues all the dogs. Requires copious amounts of coffee and is slightly addicted to podcasts. But seriously though… ALL. the. dogs

  • Alex Roth

    Full Stack Developer

    Creating awesome things. Making lives easier. CHANGING THE WORLD. Doing what he loves.

  • Susannah Brinkley

    Graphic Design Specialist

    Font nerd. Cocktail enthusiast. Instagrams all the things. Tuxedo cat mama. Black licorice devotée. 

  • Eric Nolte

    Senior Software Engineer

    Mechanic, brewer, musician, husband and father. He’s also written a few lines of code in his life.

  • Brian Nelson

    Senior Software Engineer

    Naive but noble rube. OG Nodak. Traveler. Writes more code than English sentences.

  • Stephie Predmore

    Director of Influencer Marketing

    Food nerd. Bookworm. Crazy cat and dog lady. Loves connecting brands and influencers to make the magic happen.

  • Jenny Guy

    Marketing Manager

    Marketing. Theatre nerd. Fried okra is my jam (breakfast. Trust me.) Okie grown.

  • Tim Tyrrell

    Director of Software Engineering

    Dad of twins. Works to live. Lives to travel. It’s always stout season.

  • Rachel Pillet

    Vice President of Programmatic Sales

    Demand believer. Secret nerd. Pasta lover. Hot yoga nut. Always finds the perfect gift for others. Believes in unicorns.

  • Brady Friedrich

    Lead Technical Support Engineer

    Aspiring digital nomad. Video game educator. Loves taking things apart and never reassembling them quite the way they were.

  • Carmen Stinson

    Senior Publisher Support Specialist

    Wino. Queen of charades. Laughs in serious situations. Serial shopper, clothing hoarder.

  • Sam Ellis

    Senior Publisher Support Specialist

    Secretly wants to do all of the puzzles on Survivor. Coffee shop and brewery hopper. Cheese boards are my love language.

  • Trista Jensen

    Lead Technical Support Engineer

    Nap Junkie. Foodie. Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Hoarder of office supplies; doesn’t work in an office. Owned by a doofy Great Dane.

  • Jordan Cauley

    Publisher Engineering Manager

    Developer. Creator of awesome user experience. Married. Co creator of three humans. Drinker of scotch. Tester of baked goods.

  • Seth Alling

    Senior Publisher Engineer

    Developer turned designer turned developer. Father of three. Cheese enthusiast.

  • Phil Bohn

    Senior Vice President of Sales & Revenue

    Dad of two, husband to one, friend to all. Futurist programmaticist. Hater of mosquitoes.

  • Erin Tully

    Vice President Programmatic Sales

    Admittedly a programmatic nerd. Maybe (kind of), slightly obsessed with her 2 kids. Lives for summer and pretty much only happy at the beach and/or wearing flip flops. Owner to the dog with the worst smelling breath in America. Kisses him on the lips.

  • Jamie Lothridge

    Influencer Marketing Coordinator

    Addicted to sugar and the Food Network. Most likely to wear leggings to all events. Loves her kid and goat cheese.

  • Ethan Butler

    Publisher Engineer

    Loud typer. Compulsive mixtape downloader. Has never met a soft pretzel he hasn’t ordered.

  • Rose Siders

    Publisher Support Specialist

    50% New York, 50% Minnesota. Most extroverted introvert. Video game enthusiast. Fluent in sarcasm. Lives for sunshine.

  • Sara Volk

    Office Manager

    Doer of all things and Keeper of the Schedule. Cat mom. Eerily organized. RPG addict. Exceptionally nerdy. Resident Sanrio character expert.

  • Jacob Feltner

    Publisher Support Engineer

    Synthwave in his ears. Nachos connoisseur. Terrified of cotton balls.

  • John-Michael L’Allier

    Publisher Engineer

    Husband and father. World traveler. Reader of books, player of pianos. Loves cheese, coffee, wine and Twizzlers.

  • Seth Bicknell

    Senior Software Engineer

    Seth likes Star Trek better than Star Wars and thinks Picard is the best captain. What more could you possibly need to know???

  • Cynthia Butler

    Director of Yield Optimization

    Crazy dog lady. Sports fanatic. Karaoke queen. Voted most likely to get a dance party started.

  • Kristi Corrigan

    Publisher Support Specialist

    Fueled by coffee. Reality TV junkie. Loves Bloody Marys and yoga pants! Slightly obsessed with planners.

  • TQ Evans

    Director of People Operations

    The “Employee Whisperer.” Reads legal documents for fun. Exercises exclusively to Trap music + Ted Talks. Hamilton fanatic. Trained birth doula. Has never met a stranger.

  • Kristie Kovarovic

    Publisher Support Specialist

    Traveler. The one asking to pet your dog. If missing: Check the nearest coffee shop.

  • Renae Bair

    Senior Software Engineer

    Obsessed with building things — from web applications to cosplay to delicious and interesting new cuisine for her family! Video game, anime, tattoo and comic book addict, making the most of life on the beautiful coast of Maine.

  • DJ Flores

    Publisher Support Engineer

    Runner of all the roads. Listener of all the music genres. Eater of all the foods.

  • Doug Major

    Publisher Support Engineer

    Composer, guitarist, traveler, record collector, coffee snob, snow and ocean rollicker. Producing at the junction of modernism and elegance to craft meaningful work that endures. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Rebecca Low

    Lead Product Manager

    Globetrotting cruiser. Disney and comic geek. Handbag enthusiast. Childfree. Mother of corgis.

  • Madison Kanna

    Madison Kanna

    Junior Publisher Engineer

    Loves to spend time with family, blog and code. Never outside without a giant hat. Possibly part vampire.

  • Natalie Pina

    Natalie Pina

    Junior Publisher Engineer

    Photographer. Baker of desserts. A day without coffee, memes and video games is incomplete. On a mission to pet all the dogs of the world.

  • Hannah Zulueta

    Hannah Zulueta

    Junior Publisher Engineer

    Homemadecoder. Passionate learner. Loves to eat ramen and anything sweet. Interested in cultures, languages and wants to travel the world.

  • Jesenia Montanez  

    Publisher Support Specialist

    Dope mom. Empanada queen. Music enthusiast. Slightly obsessed with coffee and all things Disney.

  • TaKenya (Kenya) Hampton

    TaKenya (Kenya) Hampton

    Publisher Support Specialist

    Bag lady. Food lover who thinks the most important (and best) meals are breakfast and dessert. DIY-Her and Jill of all trades. 

  • Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson 

    Publisher Support Specialist

    Cat dad. Proud owner of a rice cooker. Loves video game music. Once opened for Coolio. Minnesota nice.

  • Micah Woodstock

    Micah Woodstock 

    Publisher Support Specialist

    Foodie and wino. Video game addict. If I’m not listening to music, I’m singing it. Can’t wait to travel the world!

  • Jordan Gilreath

    Jordan Gilreath

    Publisher Support Engineer

    Golf addict. Video game enthusiast. Father of four daughters. If it’s nerdy, I’m interested.

  • Keyanna Mayfield

    Keyanna Mayfield

    Publisher Support Engineer

    Coffee and taco junkie. Addicted to Netflix and tech gadgets. Obsessed with backpacks. Wannabe world traveler.

  • Matthew Howe

    Matthew Howe

    Publisher Support Engineer

    An Oregonian in Minnesota. Reluctant record collector, sci-fi reader, coffee and beer lover. Frequently hiking, biking or walking the dog.

  • Stephanie Steuber

    Stephanie Steuber

    Publisher Support Specialist

    Has a daily laugh quota. Super power is finding typos. Lover of puzzles, crafting, true crime and my dog. A total Pisces.

  • Mallory Factor II

    Mallory Factor II

    Influencer Marketing Account Executive

    Born and raised New Yorker. Lover of craft beer, music, sports and New York City history. Most likely to be found loudly talking someone’s ear off.

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