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Content At Scale

Mediavine delivers exclusive ad inventory from our premiere advertising partners to over 125MM unique visitors monthly. 

By The Numbers

Mediavine exclusively represents the display ad inventory for 10k+ authentic and engaging lifestyle websites dedicated to providing fantastic content to their readers. The result is the largest and highest-quality collection of brand-safe properties online.

12+ Billion Ad impressions per month
125+ Million Monthly unique visitors
Top 20 Comscore property
700+ Million Video impressions
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Advertising Capabilities

Programmatic capabilities and ad units available though Mediavine. Mediavine offers display, native and video across our desktop, mobile and tablet inventory.

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Available Verticals

Mediavine is the only Comscore Top 2 Lifestyle publisher with an audience that skews more than 70% female. Our focus remains true to the vertical, with valued partnerships in Food, Parenting, Travel, Home and every kind of lifestyle content.

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    Food & Drink

    Comscore Top 2

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    Comscore Top 6

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    Personal Finance

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    Family & Parenting

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    Home & DIY

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    Arts & Entertainment

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    Health & Fitness

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    Hobbies & Interests

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    Style & Fashion

Brand Safety & Performance

We bring focus and incredible performance to your display advertising by staying true to three principles; best-in-class technology, traffic quality and brand safety.

We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner and TAG Certified. We built proprietary technology to be GDPR, Sellers.json, Ads.txt and CCPA compliant, and allows us to deliver advertiser KPIs at scale like 80% viewability on display, 90% viewability on video and IVT numbers below 0.5%.

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Targeted Media at Scale

Mediavine exclusively represents over 10k brand-safe sites. Our customized advertising solutions will help drive awareness and encourage user engagement with your brands through MRC accredited Keyword Targeting, Custom DEI-Owned Site Lists, Highly Viewable Ad Placements, and a variety of Category, Seasonal, and Cookie-less targeting solutions.  

Mediavine is proud to be the exclusive ad manager for thousands of underrepresented voices. Through Uplift by Mediavine, our premium programmatic marketplace, we enable advertisers to action their commitment towards equity at scale by investing in diverse-owned sites. Per a recent audit by Jounce Media, Mediavine was cited as representing the Largest Percentage of DEI-owned Websites (over 77%).

Private Marketplace / Programmatic Guaranteed

Get prioritized access to our display, native and video inventory across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

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Direct Sales

Buy display and video impressions on our high-viewability ad units across all Mediavine sites for optimum visibility.


Unsurpassed Engagement

Our technology was built to facilitate scalable solutions for each stage of your marketing funnel. 

We work with publishers that have spent years amassing a loyal, engaged following. People look to them for inspiration and ideas, whether it’s where to travel, what to eat, how to cook, and so much more.

Together we’re eager to partner with like-minded advertisers who want to maximize ROI by pinpointing their target audiences — at scale.