Mediavine and ZergNet Traffic Exchange Partnership!

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The ZergNet Traffic Exchange is no longer available to new Mediavine publishers. Existing publishers using the service will still have access. Please email with any specific questions. 

Our focus remains on finding ways to enhance your business.

We appreciate your support as we continually refine our services to better meet your needs.


We’re so excited!

We’ve been working for a very long time with our friends at ZergNet to create a traffic exchange exclusive to active MVPs.

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What does this mean?

Traffic exchanges are kind of cool, and pretty common on the internet. Basically, you run the ZergNet unit on your post, and it will display content from within its allotted “pool” (in this case, your fellow mediavine bloggers) as part of the widget.

The idea is that if someone clicks on this content, you are now “owed” a click back, and your content will be displayed on other sites until you get that click back.

It’s a great way to grow your audience with new visitors that might not be familiar with your content, and provide relevant, good content to your readers too.

It’s not dissimilar to adding links/photos to friends at the bottom of a post with related recipes or crafts to your own. It’s now just done automatically, and also ensures that you’re getting similar love back.

A traffic exchange with your fellow MVPs means you’re sharing quality, vetted content and helping the network grow – which means more money in your own pocket too.

Remember, the larger a programmatic network grows, the MORE money it is able to earn. Growth = higher CPMs for the network.

What do I need to do?

If you haven’t already done so, log into your Mediavine Dashboard and enable ZergNet. This should display only on post pages, at the bottom of your post, before your comments section.

If it’s displaying anywhere other than that, please email or chat to us and give us the URL where you see it (most common would be home page or category pages), and we’ll get it fixed.

A circular diagram, with "your site" and "Other MVP Sites" on either side.

What else do I need to know?

There will also be a row of ZergNet content advertisements as part of the unit. Those are pay-per-click, and work the same way they always have.

If you’ve been running ZergNet this whole time, basically now you’re just adding a second row of relevant content that will hopefully open you up to new audiences.

I feel like the content ZergNet is showing doesn’t match my site. What can I do?

We endeavor to make sure that everyone has the correct site category, so that you’re getting the most relevant content in your ZergNet widget.

If you’re an entertainment blogger receiving food content, or similar, just email or chat to us to let us know so we can get you recategorized.

We have the following categories available: Food & Drink, Entertainment, Women’s Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Parenting, Fashion, Travel, Movies & TV.

Let us know which category you have, and which one you’d prefer. Note that correcting this is a manual process involving two teams, so it may take a couple of days.

How do I check my site stats for the traffic exchange?

Go to and type in the email address you have on file with Mediavine (the same one used to sign into your Mediavine dashboard).

This will allow you to set your password to access the ZergNet dashboard.

From there, to access your traffic widget, go to and using your email address and newly-set password, you’ll be able to access your traffic data.

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