Mediavine Dashboard Health Check Updates: Go For Teal!

person looking at the mediavine dashboard on a laptop in a cafe

As our publishers may have already noticed, we’ve changed up our signature health checks in your dashboard. Like everything else at Mediavine, they’re going teal.

For those unfamiliar with Mediavine, our health checks involve red, yellow, and green lights which indicate how well a website is performing in various areas.

Each health check has an excellent help article dedicated to it. Underneath each figure, you can click a link to read more about what we’re testing in that area.

The idea behind this is that on a daily basis, we are testing things under your control, while offering information on how to fix and improve each individual score.

Now, in addition to the existing red, yellow and green, we’ve now added a fourth level for publishers to go beyond healthy and maximize their site’s earning potential.

That level is teal. (Would you expect otherwise?!)

Our latest Go for Teal video (see what we did there?) and this blog post should answer your questions about our health checks and what this new teal goal is all about.

Why did we add this level?

As much as we try to discourage it for myriad reasons, publishers inevitably compare RPMs, both with fellow Mediavine community members and those using other ad solutions.

The central idea behind our health checks is to make sure publishers know what RPM is, what factors contribute to it and how you can increase your earnings accordingly.

Ideally, looking at two sites with all-green health checks and similar audiences would be a more apt comparison than if you looked at an all-green vs. an all-red publisher.

Now that we’re going for teal, publishers have an even fairer playing field in which to compare one another, and those that wish to hit these levels know what they need to do.

It’s also important, especially when evaluating a competitor, to ask if your site has been optimized at Mediavine. Most of our health checks are universal best practices, so optimizing for Mediavine ad performance is essentially optimizing across the board.

From improving your site speed and implementing ads.txt, to properly utilizing sidebar and in-content ads, our optimizations are universally applicable, helpful and simpler than you think. So before you compare yourself to other publishers, make sure you’re at least in the green.

Is it okay if I’m still green?

Absolutely! If you’re seeing green lights, you’re in a strong earning position as is. An all-green site will produce high RPMs, so you have nothing to worry about. Yes, you can Go for Teal and potentially earn even more, but green is still green – a lofty but attainable goal you’ve already met.

What else is coming?

We have at least three more health checks scheduled to launch this quarter, and more still later this year. With each new metric, there will be plenty of support documentation in our help center, and an amazing publisher support team to help you go green (or go for teal) across the board.

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