Mediavine’s 2024 Product Roadmap: Advertising After Third-Party Cookies

2024 Mediavine Product Roadmap

For a full look at what our 2024 Product Roadmap entails, watch this video.

The End of 3rd Party Cookies — We’re Not Bothered »

The way advertisers have been media buying for the past ten years is about to change. According to Mediavine’s SVP of Revenue, Phil Bohn, some advertisers may pivot to first-party data solutions, some will rely on contextual data and some will implement a mix of both. The good news is that whichever approach a brand advertiser takes, Mediavine can offer a solution. 

As an early tester in the Google Privacy Sandbox, Mediavine is ready for whatever comes in 2024 and is positioned to guide independent publishers through the deprecation of third-party cookies while providing a tested and proven first-party data solution. 

Spend Ad Dollars with Diverse Audiences »

Uplift by Mediavine is a concentration of the company’s external DE&I efforts, under the newly formed Social Impact division led by Co-Founder Amber Bracegirdle. Uplift will help amplify the voices of underrepresented independent publishers. 

In September, Mediavine launched Uplift, a programmatic advertising marketplace. Uplift features an innovative targeting solution that connects the company’s network of AAPI-, Black-, Disabled-, Hispanic-, LGBTQIA+-, and Women-owned independent publishers with brand marketers seeking to spend their budgets committed to diversity and equity at scale.

In 2024, Mediavine will further its commitment to the Uplift program and continue to shape how the advertising world interacts with underrepresented content creators. Additionally, we seek to offer more education around lifestyle content and how certain keywords or contextual terms can be deemed not brand safe. 

The success of these creators is vital to a future with a free and open internet, and they deserve to be paid equitably for the value they provide brands through high levels of audience engagement.Mediavine plans to support both publishers and advertisers in these endeavors through private marketplaces in 2024. 

To learn more about these advertising solutions, reach out to sales @ mediavine {dot} com.