Mediavine Becomes Comscore Top 70 Property

Mediavine announced this week that it is now a comScore Top 70 property. The ad management company exclusively represents more than 3,800 blogger sites, making it the largest community of lifestyle, food and DIY websites.

“This has been a 2018 priority to validate Mediavine growth to advertisers and the industry,” said Phil Bohn, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Revenue. “Within the span of a year we have established a growing sales team and a relationship with comScore, and we are now competing with top-tier publishers and proving the value and consistency of the massive Mediavine audience. We fully expect to be a top 30 media entity by January and even more growth to come in 2019.”

Mediavine prides itself on being a tech company first and values its commitment to brand safety and performance. In addition to its comScore ranking, the company has spent the last few months tackling what they call their “advertiser checklist.” This list includes items advertiser partners would expect a company to have in place prior to launching campaigns, such as:

  • Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) member
  • Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) member in all four categories (traffic validation, malware, piracy & inventory quality)
  • 99 percent coverage rate with Ads.txt
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Member of the Coalition for Better Ads

In addition to the above, Mediavine recently rolled out Create by Mediavine, a custom WordPress plugin solution for content creators that included recipe and DIY content cards at launch, with travel content cards to follow. Mediavine will soon also offer Keyword Targeting, an exciting feature for advertisers and publishers alike.

“We expect our numbers to continue to grow in the coming months as our teams of developers continually build out our tech,” said Bohn. “This is just the beginning.”