Mediavine Launches Create by Mediavine, A WordPress Plugin for Content Creators

Mediavine recently launched Create by Mediavine, a custom WordPress plugin solution for content creators. At launch, the plugin includes multi-faceted recipe and DIY content cards and will feature support for additional content cards in the coming months.

The free plugin improves upon the user interface of many popular recipe cards to introduce several never-before-seen features, as well as those that have previously only been available through paid or “pro-version” plugins.

Several such features include:

  • Patent-pending omni-importer support for Easy Recipe and Easy Recipe Pro, Meal Planner and Meal Planner Pro, Purr, Simple Recipes and Simple Recipes Pro, WP Recipe Maker, WP Tasty, WP Ultimate Recipe, Yummly, Zip Recipes and Ziplist
  • Ability to easily choose recipes to import, validate an imported recipe and edit recipes before replacing the previous card
  • Real-time content preview with the ability to create recipes or DIY project cards within a post or in a standalone user interface
  • Affiliate link integration for ingredients, materials and tools
  • Interface for recipe and project ratings and reviews that allows for filtering and removal of spam or misleading ratings
  • Option to include a video within each card using the Mediavine Video Player
  • A focus on site speed and search engine optimization
  • Support for recommended products within each card with affiliate link integration

Proper markup allows search engines to read and recognize many types of content – such as recipes and “how-to” items – making a well-functioning content card plugin imperative to site growth. Previous cards have often lacked other key facets such as site speed optimization, the ability to easily import existing content, and support for non-recipe content.

“As publishers, we want a card that focuses on all of the aspects that are important to a blogger — user experience, site speed and monetization, because those are what make our sites grow,” said Amber Bracegirdle, Mediavine co-founder and managing editor of the company’s owned and operated site, Food Fanatic. “Our mission to help content creators build sustainable businesses is core to the development arm of Mediavine; publishers were asking for a better recipe card, and providing that only helps all of us succeed.”

One of Create’s most highly anticipated features has been support for DIY content cards, available at launch, and support for other content types such as travel and fashion, available in future updates.

“We want Create by Mediavine to benefit as many publishers as possible, whether they are creating recipes or sharing craft instructions. This is something that has never been done before and was an important challenge for our development team to tackle. We are excited to launch these new features as we continually update and improve the plugin,” said Eric Hochberger, Mediavine co-founder and CEO.

In addition to supporting more non-traditional content cards, other future features include:

  • Automated nutrition calculation
  • Related recipes and projects feature
  • Recipe and project index
  • Support for roundups of all creation types
  • Advanced ingredient and materials interface
  • Video support for YouTube, Vimeo and other online video players
  • And more.

To view a full list of features or to install Create by Mediavine, visit

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