Mediavine Launches Setting to Further Optimize Ads for Mobile PageSpeed

New setting has been created in response to changes in Google PageSpeed Insights

BOCA RATON, Fla. (Dec. 5, 2018) – This week Mediavine launched a new setting to optimize ads for mobile page loads. The feature was created in response to increased goals set by Google PageSpeed Insights and its latest Lighthouse update.

Page speed is of utmost importance to Mediavine, which has long utilized the implementation of lazy loading to make it the fastest ad management provider. With these changes to PageSpeed Insights, however, it was critical for the company to develop a new, innovative strategy for its nearly 4,000 publishers to further optimize ads for mobile page loads.

The new setting, labeled “Optimize Ads for Mobile PageSpeed” within Mediavine publishers’ dashboards, delays ads from loading until a user has become interactive. This allows web browsers to focus on loading the content as quickly as possible. This feature has already been tested against Lighthouse,, Google Analytics, Chrome User Experience Report, and Google PageSpeed Insights.

“Going above and beyond for our publishers is what we strive for at Mediavine,” Mediavine CEO and Co-Founder Eric Hochberger said of the new, patent-pending technology. “Optimize Ads for Mobile PageSpeed is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new features we are working on to continue making page speed a priority.”

Thanks to the new setting, Mediavine’s owned and operated site The Hollywood Gossip once again scores over 90 on Google PageSpeed Insights on both its homepage and any article page on mobile, while still running the full slate of Mediavine ads. The company expects this setting to boost its publishers’ performance in similar fashion when also implementing other page speed recommendations from Google.

“As both a Mediavine publisher for my personal blog and a partner through my business, I am always grateful for the company’s responsiveness to changes in the industry,” said Andrew Wilder, owner of Blog Tutor, a popular WordPress support service.

“For both my own site and my clients’, I have seen significant speed improvements with the new mobile settings – just one tweak increased my site’s Google Mobile Pagespeed Score by more than 20 points! I love that Mediavine has such a strong focus on speed – giving my clients and me a significant advantage when it comes to page speed.”