Mediavine Sees CPM Lift in Cookie-Restricted Browsers Globally with LiveRamp and Index Exchange


Although the third-party cookie is set to expire in 2023 (when it will be deprecated in Chrome), a significant amount of web activity today occurs in browsers such as Safari, Edge, and Firefox—all of which already restrict use of that identifier. Mediavine, which monetizes over 8,500 publisher partner websites worldwide, sees 150 million unique monthly web visitors and serves 20 billion monthly ad impressions.

Approximately 40% of its filled impressions are in cookie-restricted browsers. The lack of third-party cookies limits audience targeting, efficiency controls such as frequency capping, and accurate attribution.

Without these capabilities, marketers bid less for impressions, finding them less efficient in reaching their desired audiences. For example, Mediavine’s CPMs in Safari were more than 50% lower than in Chrome. With a large audience in these browsers, the publisher was missing out on a substantial monetization opportunity.

“With Mediavine publishers’ high percentage of iOS traffic, it’s top of mind for us to strengthen monetization on cookie-restricted browsers worldwide. The successful integration between RampID™ and Index Exchange yields a substantial CPM increase for our publishers and helps us gain ground with iOS traffic revenue,” says Phil Bohn, SVP of Sales and Revenue at Mediavine.


As a leader in global data connectivity, LiveRamp’s fully interoperable infrastructure delivers end-to-end addressability for the world’s top brands, agencies, and publishers. Mediavine leveraged Index’s integration with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to connect its authenticated inventory with RampID™, LiveRamp’s privacy-first, people-based identifier. In doing so, Mediavine improved addressability and increased the monetization of its inventory across cookie-restricted browsers globally.

“While the eventual third-party cookie deprecation is a strong reason for publishers to explore privacy-first identity solutions, ATS results in increased yields and higher CPMs for publishers today,” shares Travis Clinger, SVP of Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp. “Our partnership with Mediavine and Index Exchange demonstrates the immediate impact ATS has in increasing addressability and boosting revenues. Whether publishers are focused on cookieable or cookieless browsers, they can connect their authenticated inventory to marketer demand easily across channels and formats.”

Mediavine achieved a 142% CPM lift in browsers without third-party cookies when the RampID™ was present in a bid request. For Mediavine, tapping into Index’s integration with ATS wasn’t only about preparing for a future without third-party cookies, but also about improving monetization globally today.

Pamela Ibarra, VP of Client Services at Index Exchange, states, “There’s a ton of opportunity in cookie-restricted environments, which means publishers who have developed their addressability strategies are already starting to see revenue gains. By providing marketers with a people-based identifier, Mediavine significantly increased the value of its inventory today, and is set up for success after the demise of third-party cookies.”