Mediavine Wins Google’s 1st Party Data Activation Award

Mediavine, the leading independent full-service ad management company in the United States, has proudly clinched the prestigious Google Publisher 1st Party Data Activation Award for our groundbreaking initiative—Grow. This award recognizes our team’s exceptional innovation in utilizing first-party data to enhance user experiences, personalize advertising and foster the development of new products and services.

In response to the evolving landscape of a privacy-centric internet, Mediavine created Grow in 2019. Positioned as our recommended first-party data solution for publishers and advertisers, Grow serves as a user engagement suite and first-party SSO (single sign-on) data solution, catering to independent digital publishers of all sizes.

Amanda Martin, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Business Strategy at Mediavine, accepting Google’s 1st Party Data Activation Award.

Grow integrates seamlessly with industry leaders such as The Trade Desk’s UID 2.0 and  LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution. This ensures that Grow remains at the forefront of technological advancements, contributing to a free and openweb while securing a prominent place for independent publishers.

Built on a privacy-centric model, Grow establishes a direct and effective channel for publishers to connect with their audiences. It also provides sustainable avenues for advertisers to reach these audiences in current and post-cookie advertising ecosystems.

Our commitment to privacy-conscious, interoperable solutions is evident in Grow’s emphasis on reader engagement and relationship development. The success of Grow is reflected in its impressive statistics, with *8 million readers actively engaging with content on Grow-enabled sites and generating 5.6 billion sessions in 2023. With the percentage of publishers running Grow, approximately 1 in 3 women using the internet encounter a Grow site daily.

We’re on our way to achieving our 2023 goal of 10,000 active publishers with Grow enabled on their sites, and we’re set to unveil more features in 2024. Additionally, we’ve revamped the Grow website, offering valuable content, a Help center and a community forum for Grow publishers to connect and collaborate.

But Grow is not just about enhancing the publisher experience; it is equally dedicated to improving the user experience. Readers with Grow accounts enjoy a centralized platform to store their favorite content from publishers across the web, with features like bookmarking and access to exclusive content.

At Mediavine, our mission is clear: championing a diverse web where privacy-centric advertising benefits users, advertisers and publishers alike. Grow embodies this commitment and continues to pave the way for a free, open and inclusive digital landscape.

*Per Mediavine data as of October, 2023.