Evolution of SPO : Can Both Sides Win?

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We invited advertising thought leaders to unpack the recent industry updates on Supply Path Optimization (SPO).


In our most recent guided discussion, we invited advertising thought leaders to unpack the recent industry updates on Supply Path Optimization (SPO). As The Trade Desk’s Catherine Patterson pointed out, “SPO is one of the most talked about topics, but the least understood.” 

The panelists included Jounce Media’s Chris Kane, MAGNA’s Jean Fitzpatrick, The Trade Desk’s Catherine Patterson, and Mediavine’s Amanda Martin; while representing different parts of the ecosystem, they were in agreement that SPO as we know it is extremely complicated. 


  • The industry has reached a maturation point and we should reduce the complexity of header bidding and build on standards like ads.txt and sellers.json to a transaction ID that can be used as a benchmark across pathways.
  • “The open internet is vast and machines can’t pick everything. Mediavine vets publishers and knows the quality we’re putting out to the demand side – we know the best path to our inventory.  Not all paths created equal, even if they’re all direct.”  – Amanda Martin, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Business Strategy at Mediavine
  • Chris Kane from Jounce Media says, “I’m much more optimistic than I’ve been in the last five years that the industry is moving in the right direction. Brands and agencies are starting to… make business choices about what supply meets our standards and the platforms are willing to get aggressive about identifying technical points of waste in the supply chain.”
  • Where do we go from here? Amanda Martin thinks “DSPs and SSPs were separate industries. Now, [there’s] a requirement to collaborate. The path forward is more standardization, more transparency – those willing to jump on those causes will be the winners.” 

We monitor supply chain efficiency and Mediavine is one of the most efficient web publishers that we observe.

 — Jounce Media, April 2023

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