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We Stand
With You

Be part of the change

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We Stand With You: What Does That Mean?

It’s simple.

It means that we recognize that this is a fight for all of us. Not a fight for people of color against those who aren’t, but a human fight in which everybody stands up against racism.

Collectively, we stand together to advocate for change.

As a company made up of people of all ethnicities, and serving a very diverse community, we want to use our platform to help people like you to join in or to continue in these efforts.

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Things to Keep in Mind

  • This is not an event. It is an ongoing pursuit of change.
  • Everyone can help in different ways. No contribution is too small.
  • Use credible sources to educate and empower yourselves and your loved ones.

The resources linked below are from reputable and reliable sources. We will continue to add to and update this list. Feel free to bookmark this page as a point of reference.

If you have suggested additions, please reach out to


Guest Artists

Resources on this page will be updated and expanded regularly.