Introducing Journey, A New Mediavine Ad Management Solution for Growing Sites

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Journey by Mediavine, a new ad management solution for sites starting at around 10,000 monthly sessions.

What is Journey?

Journey is an entirely new ad offering designed and built from the ground up as a solution for smaller publishers.

Powered by Mediavine’s first-in-class ad technology, Journey by Mediavine will offer publishers with smaller websites full access to all of our first-party data and identity solutions.

The beauty of Journey is that it is a completely self-service offering. Getting started is easy and fully automated.

Why Journey?

Our mission has always been to help content creators build sustainable businesses. Now we’re doubling down by supporting creators even earlier in their path to success.

With the launch of Journey, we’re bringing Mediavine’s award-winning ad management to publishers of all sizes around the world.

What This Means for Existing Mediavine Publishers

Journey is a separate ad offering to advertisers, allowing us to service more publishers while still maintaining high CPMs.

But most importantly, existing Mediavine publishers will benefit from the authenticated traffic these new sites will help us build. Because of our unified first-party data solution, we all grow together.

The first step to running Journey ads on your site is to install Grow, Mediavine’s first-party data solution. (Don’t know what Grow is? Go here!)

The Grow software, which generates authenticated traffic and enables us to assess when a site is eligible for ads, makes Journey possible.

As new publishers join Journey and their readers create Grow accounts, the pool of authenticated traffic grows.

When another website’s logged-in readers visit yours, it’s good news for your revenue.

Get Started with Journey

Getting started with Journey is easy! Simply install Grow on your site and apply for Journey.

You’ll need to run Grow on your site for a minimum of 30 days, so the sooner you get started, the better! We’ll use Grow to evaluate your site and reach out when you’re ready to run ads.

Already have Grow installed? Awesome! Simply log in to your Grow account and apply for Journey now.

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