Introducing Sertify, a Diverse Business Accreditation for Uplift by Mediavine

In 2023, Mediavine launched Uplift, a private marketplace that connects publishers with advertisers looking to spend with diversely-owned websites and reach diverse audiences.

As the Social Impact lead for all diversity, equity and inclusion-related programming, I’m thrilled to share the news about Uplift by Mediavine’s latest strategic partnership with Sertify, one which will help open new doors of opportunity for our network of diverse-owned sites and publishers.

Continuing our efforts to drive equity in programmatic advertising, this partnership with Sertify will help publishers achieve official accreditation as diversely-owned businesses. 

Currently, within the Mediavine Dashboard, site owners can self-identify from a selection of categories that best describe their demographic (e.g., women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, veteran, disability). Accreditation through Sertify adds an additional layer of authentication that helps validate a site’s ownership—and validation ensures advertisers that their dollars are being invested with their intended targets.

In the past 12 months, advertisers have purchased 163 billion ad impressions on diverse sites. The ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) has declared an industry benchmark asking advertisers to commit 6.5% of their total ad investment to diverse-owned media by 2025. For many advertisers to reach that benchmark, agencies would need to sizably increase budget allocations for diverse-owned media.

Sertify is revolutionizing the industry by simplifying and standardizing the certification process for diverse publishers and influencers. In turn, the certification will create more business opportunities for independent publishers and remove the barrier for advertisers who previously were concerned with misappropriation from bad actors in the space.

For Mediavine publishers who’ve already opted into Uplift in their Dashboard, certification is available now through Sertify. More information can be found in our Help Center instruction here. For publishers not opted in, the first stop is Uplift in your Dashboard.

As advertisers work to fulfill these commitments, they are also seeking reassurance that their dollars are accurately reaching the intended communities and platforms. 

Official accreditation is the best step to ensure publishers have the resources to scale their businesses. By partnering with Sertify, we’re ensuring Mediavine publishers have access to resources that will allow them to stay competitive in the ever-changing internet landscape.

*Sertify collects information through its websites and services. This information is kept and used only by Sertify. It is not shared with Mediavine or any other partners. Mediavine only receives the following details from Sertify: the publisher’s name, website, and certification category. For more details, check Sertify’s privacy policy.

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