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Introducing Create by Mediavine

Today is a big day at Mediavine, as we are thrilled to announce the official release of our flagship plugin, Create by Mediavine, which is now live in the WordPress repository and ready for you to download and install.

What is Create by Mediavine?

A dream come true. More practically, Create is a plugin designed for every publisher’s most valuable content — whether that’s recipes, travel guides, craft tutorials, or anything else.

This will help you display that content in beautiful, printable fashion, encourage audiences to scroll to the end of your content, and offer new ways for you to provide value to users.

Best of all, Create is designed with SEO, user experience, and monetization in mind.

female blogger

Who is Create for?

Everyone! Bakers. Makers. Adventure-takers. If you create content, our goal is to offer card types with Create that will help you display your most valuable content in ways audiences and search engines will love.

Create is for YOU, whether or not you work with Mediavine for your advertising.

As food bloggers are well aware, recipe card plugins have been available for a long time. Most of these mark up data using Schema, making it easier for search engines like Google to read.

What you may not know is that has data points for all sorts of content — crafting, travel, even health-related things — and we’ve created a card plugin that enables all kinds of publishers to utilize this concept in promoting their content to search engines and readers alike.


Advertising Features of Create

Mediavine’s recipe card ad placement has been a signature of our company since we began offering ad management solutions to content creators.

With food blogs, all roads lead to the recipe card, and placing an ad there quickly made it the best viewed, best-paying space among our publishers.

With Mediavine Create, we’ve taken this concept beyond food, allowing publishers in all genres to create a space that drives the audience deeper into their posts.

Put another way, we’ve turned this successful “recipe card ad” and into a “most valuable content” ad, applicable to whatever kind of content you produce.

We’ve also made it so that Mediavine publishers will be able to monetize multiple times within their card; if you’ve got lots of instructions, you’ll be able to generate revenue from this content area as readers keep scrolling, rather than being limited to a single ad spot in the card.

I’ll say it again: you don’t have to be a Mediavine publisher in order to use this plugin. If you use other advertising partners, they will be able to utilize it for ads as well.

Long term, there will be Create features exclusively for Mediavine publishers, like the additional ad placements available in the card, but you’ll still be able to earn more money from your most valuable content, no matter who you use for advertising solutions.

A screenshot of the back end Create by Mediavine interface.

Create by Mediavine Card Gallery

Why We Built Create

On a personal note, I’ve been dreaming of this day for about five years now.

I’ve been blogging for a decade, but it wasn’t until I started working with Eric, Matt and Steve that I experienced what it’s like to have someone with SEO and site speed knowledge accessible to build something just for your readers. Talk about an eye-opener.

Eric customized features into the Food Fanatic card as I dreamed them up, and conceptualized the original version of what you will see in Create as our “product recommendations” section.

Soon we began envisioning an even better recipe card usable by other bloggers (and indeed why Food Fanatic cards became “embeddable” for our contributors years ago).

A man cuts wood with a jigsaw.

As we’ve grown and worked with publishers in every lifestyle niche, we were alerted to craft and education bloggers using recipe card plugins to display tutorials in a printable manner.

Bad news bears, guys! Marking non-food content up as food with Schema is an SEO no-no.

As soon as I became aware of that fact, I went on a crusade for us to save the Internet.

Mediavine is not an ad network. Our mission as a company is to build sustainable businesses for content creators, and that extends far beyond revenue — and includes finding better solutions to problems like this one.

A Create by Mediavine gif.

With that mentality, our publisher engineering team — Jordan, Seth, Ethan, and John-Michael — devoted much of the past year to developing this plugin as a means of helping bloggers with the business of blogging, and we are so excited for you to see the results of that hard work.

Create by Mediavine is this food blogger’s dream come true. Knowing that it’s the first of its kind, the first plugin you’ll be able to use for every kind of content you publish, is just icing on the digital cake.

It’s a proud, happy day for Mediavine, and we hope you love what we’ve (yes) Created.

Create by mediavine recipe card

Create by Mediavine Recipe Card

Create by mediavine craft how-to card

Create by Mediavine How-To Card

Please note that this official launch is just the beginning! We will be adding new features as often as we can, and include support for additional card types as we go forward. Today’s release of Mediavine Create includes support for recipes and craft/DIY how-to guides.

21 thoughts on “Introducing Create by Mediavine”

  1. Ashley says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! Such a great tool!!!!!! Thank you for creating this. Below is my example. Can’t wait to cull through and swap all my recipes over.

  2. Hi, can this be used for Blogger blog? I’m a mediavine member but not sure how to use this with Blogger?

    1. Amber Bracegirdle says:

      Hey Cristina,
      Unfortunately Blogger is a closed system that doesn’t allow outside plugins, so we couldn’t develop for it. We are working on ways we can try to bring some of this functionality to closed systems like Blogger and SquareSpace, but it’s a work in progress.
      – Amber, co-founder at Mediavine

  3. Ben Heath says:

    Exciting! I’ll be switching my wife’s blog over to this today. We have stuck with Ziplist all this time knowing that it would be one of the options you were building for conversion to Create. Thank you!

  4. Cyndee says:

    Very excited about the possibilities! I create a lot of icebreaker games. Will the DIY cards work for something like that? TIA

    1. Amber Bracegirdle says:

      Hey Cyndee,
      We absolutely think they would! If you’re providing a printable of questions, adding the instructions for how to play into the Create card would be perfection.

      Amber, co-founder at Mediavine

  5. I just created my first card for a tutorial I already had on my blog. Great possibilities, thanks!

    The link for the post is included as my website as I wasn’t sure it would show up in my comment.
    Pinwheel Batik Baby Quilt tutorial

  6. mark sims says:

    i have created the card
    how do i display it on my blog front
    i don’t get any permal link

    1. Amber Bracegirdle says:

      Hey Mark,
      You’ve got to insert the card into the blog post where you want it to appear. You’ll see there’s an insert button at the top of your blog post formatting bar, and then you’ll be able to pick the card you’d like to insert when you hit that.

      – Amber, Co-Founder, Mediavine

  7. Will this work with my WordPress theme 20/10?

    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Hey Caroline! As long as you are running a self-hosted WordPress site (versus you should be able to use Create by Mediavine! How it looks will vary for every site based on the theme’s own stylesheets, but you can always work with a designer to change things up. 🙂

  8. Great work! Waiting to see how this looks for Travel Blogs and what it offers.

    1. Amber Bracegirdle says:

      Hey Chris,

      We’re actually seeing some travel bloggers use it already, using the How-To card for packing lists. While we’re excited to see Top Places debut, we’d encourage you to install it and give it a try if you can think of things to use it for. How-To sort of applies to anything. We’re even seeing people use it to recommend their favorite marketing tools and stuff like that.

      Amber, Co-Founder, Mediavine

  9. Jens says:


    your plugin is great. I was looking for Howto Schema Plugins and your app is perfect for it.

    Can I somehow change the titles in the Howtos to another language? We are using the plugin in a German Blog.



    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Hey Jens,

      We are in the process of gathering translations for Create by Mediavine, and German is in the works. It appears there have been some translations that have taken place already, but they will need to be ‘approved’ by a WordPress translation editor.

      If you want to use the translations we have so far, you can export the translations as a .pot file, then place that file in mediavine-create\languages, then the translation will be available.

      You are also welcome to contribute to the language translations! It would be a huge help, and here’s where you do that:

      Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have further questions!

  10. Jens says:


    I think the howto schema instruction steps are not correct in the plugin. It should have a different formal according to this post:

    What do you think?

    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Hey Jens,
      More than one format of schema is currently acceptable by search engine standards, though we are aware of the changed pattern and are working on an update for a future release. The good news is, Google doesn’t yet parse how-to data, so we have some time to update to the new standards.
      Please don’t hesitate to send any other questions to

  11. Ellen says:

    Hi! I just downloaded this yesterday and am using for a blog post tomorrow. My question is about my previous posts that have star ratings in WP Recipe Maker. Will those stars convert over when I make the switch? Thank you.

    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Hi Ellen! Your star ratings from WPRM should convert when you use our recipe importer. My favorite thing about the importer is that you can do one recipe at a time, just to make sure everything is converting well. If you run into any issues at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at
      — Susannah

  12. Vipin says:

    What happens to my data or recipe if I delete the plugin? Where will go my data?

    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Hi Vipin! Our cards are displayed using a WordPress shortcode. This means that if the plugin is disabled, the recipes themselves will not display on the front end of a blog post. This is typical behavior for most WordPress plugins. If the plugin is deactivated, no data will be deleted and reactivating the plugin will restore the original card display. Hope this helps!
      — Susannah

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