Mediavine Integrates with Centro’s Basis Programmatic Advertising Platform

BOCA RATON, Fla. – July 30, 2020 – Mediavine, the largest exclusive ad management company in the United States and a Comscore top five lifestyle property with 125 million unique monthly visitors, has integrated with Centro’s Basis programmatic advertising platform. Centro is a global provider of advertising technology.

To create the direct connection between Basis and Mediavine, Mediavine built proprietary Server-to-Server technology based on OpenRTB specifications, designed to help both advertisers and publishers capture higher value in the marketplace.

Building products to optimize performance for advertisers while growing revenue for website owners is the guiding principle for Mediavine’s industry-leading engineers and a founding standard for the company.

Mediavine’s early adoption of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s tools like sellers.json, ads.txt and SupplyChainObject helps demand side platforms (DSPs) such as Centro identify it as a valuable supplier for advertisers. Centro verified that Mediavine generates a significant volume of quality ad impressions, where optimizing the connection to its marketplace would benefit marketers.

Streamlining the supply path provides positive results for both advertisers and publishers in the form of decreased fees, decreased latency of bid requests, and faster performance on websites.

“Mediavine offers advertisers scaled reach of users engaging in lifestyle, food, travel and DIY content,” said Ian Trider, Director of RTB Platform Operations for Centro. “Its efforts to provide more clarity in its marketplace helps advertisers better identify the publishers and suppliers that are delivering performance for campaigns.”

The direct connection between Centro’s Basis DSP and Mediavine allows buyers to quickly find addressable users on trusted sources of ad inventory.

Mediavine CEO and co-founder Eric Hochberger said, “Thanks to a direct connection, Mediavine and Centro are able to guarantee proper implementation of Supply Chain, seller.json and ads.txt on every ad impression. Advertisers bidding on Mediavine inventory through Basis won’t just get the lowest fees due to fewer intermediary hops, they’re also guaranteed the highest level of transparency and trust.”