Karla Greb, Mediavine

Karla Greb

Product Support Manager
Mediavine Dog Whisperer

Karla joined Mediavine in the summer of 2019 and has over 15 years of customer service experience. Minnesota born and raised, she’s the epitome of “Minnesota Nice.” Outside of Mediavine, she is dedicated to her rescue work as she co-directs a Great Dane Rescue in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She has one Great Dane of her own, Cash, but she often fosters and helps run a sanctuary of 12 Great Danes. If she’s not working or with the dogs, you’ll find her drinking whiskey on the rocks while enjoying sunshine and country music.

  • karla and her dog cash
  • karla playing with great danes in the snow
  • karla sitting with two great danes in a pile of fall leaves
  • three great danes wearing bow ties and sitting on a hill