Kat Donegan

User Experience Manager
Polly Pocket

I’m a designer, artisan crafter and vlogger. I’m pretty much always creating something, whether it’s awesome products at Mediavine, handmade goodies for my shops or content for my vlog. I knew I wanted to be an artist since I could hold a pencil and being creative is my entire livelihood. I actually get anxious when I’m NOT creating something.

I started out in graphic design which sparked the passion for my career. From graphic design, I moved to product design which is a lot more technical and less creative, so to speak. Being at Mediavine has been such a fortune for me as an artist because we encourage creativity and innovation here with our products.

You can find me in my croffice, my craftroom/office, where all the magic happens and everything is pink and sparkly. I’m also a huge 90s kid and collect Polly Pockets among other toys!

  • two of kat's dogs, glitter and gadget
  • kat's dog gizmo