Adding COVID-19 Public Service Announcements

We say this all the time, but the best part of Mediavine is the publishers we get to work with every day. 

That’s no less true today, now that we are at nearly 7,000 MVPs, than it was in June of 2015 when we worked with just six of you.

Recently, Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe asked in the private Mediavine publisher Facebook group if it would be possible to donate unsold ad impressions from his site to further help the causes around COVID-19

Laurence is a travel blogger, which is an industry that has been hit particularly hard by this global pandemic, so his request definitely made more than a few of us tear up while working from home behind Mediavine computer screens. 

At Laurence’s request, we got right to work. In all honesty it felt good to do something positive in these strange times. 

Starting today, April 7th, 2020, there will be a new option in your Mediavine Dashboard. If you would like to, you can now opt-in to a new backfill item that helps provide information about COVID-19 resources. 

How does this work?

The way that Mediavine ads have always worked has been to collapse the ad space as if it does not exist, should the ad not be purchased/fill.

Instead of it collapsing, you can now choose to have this space filled with a COVID-19 PSA that will link to a landing page of resources on Mediavine’s site. 

Because these “house ads” are unpaid, there are some mild ramifications to your dashboard metrics. Since we wanted to launch this PSA offering as soon as possible, we decided to push it live for you now.

While we work on some solutions behind the scenes to specifically show you “paid ad fill”, we will be temporarily disabling fill rate and CPM in your dashboard if/when you opt in, because these PSAs would skew the data. In its place will be eCPM, which is easier to calculate correctly without major changes to how the dashboard code works.

Please keep in mind that by its nature, eCPM is lower than CPM, but you are still earning at the same rate, and there is absolutely NO loss of income if you choose to opt into these PSAs. Mediavine will take care of the ad serving costs. 

We’ll be restoring both the CPM and fill rate as they were before in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please be careful not to compare these numbers with people not running PSAs until things are updated. The data is not comparable when you add in this new feature.

In addition to our own house ads, we are also running some creatives made by our partners at Amobee and Williams-Sonoma. 

What am I really donating?

Based on our calculations, if every Mediavine publisher opts into these PSAs, we’re in effect donating over 2.4 billion unfilled impressions a month, the equivalent of more than $4.6 million in ad impressions a month. This is when the sheer size of Mediavine is more important than ever. 

What do these ads look like?

Mediavine PSA Examples

Mediavine COVID-19 PSA ad examples

Amobee PSA Examples

Where is the landing page?

You can find it at

How do I opt in?

Find this opt-in in your Mediavine Dashboard, under Settings > Ad Settings. We have a help doc to guide you through it. 


We’re always an email away — — available at the chat bubble on the bottom of this site, and in our Facebook group. We always look forward to hearing from you!