Mediavine Adds Optional Backfill Donation In Support of Black and Brown Voices and Communities

BOCA RATON, Fla. – June 10, 2020 – Mediavine, a Comscore top 25 digital media property and full-service ad management company dedicated to building sustainable businesses for content creators, has added an option for their 7000+ websites to donate unused ad space toward providing opportunities for education, donation and action in support of the Black community.

The initiative kicked off on June 2, 2020, with more than 450 Mediavine content creators agreeing to pause their revenue-generating ads for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and serve only ads that brought awareness to the moment of silence coordinated by the NAACP on the day of George Floyd’s memorial service.

The company followed up Thursday’s effort by launching the We Stand With You initiative, a no-end-date campaign to bring awareness and support to the Black community by enabling 7000+ of the leading lifestyle content creators on the internet to dedicate their unused ad space towards education and awareness. 460 Mediavine publishers have opted into the ongoing campaign as of Tuesday, June 9th. This campaign is just one of many initiatives, both internal and external, that the company is undertaking to ensure Mediavine is providing a diverse and inclusive environment.

Mediavine’s ad technology is designed to automatically collapse ad space not purchased in real-time programmatic auctions. With this update, every Mediavine publisher now has the option to enable the “We Stand With You Public Service Announcements” feature in their Dashboard.

When enabled, this feature will automatically show a public service announcement creative in that site’s unfilled ad inventory. When clicked, the user will be redirected to a We Stand With You landing page with resources for information and charitable organizations worldwide. The campaign is currently running with in-house creatives, but Mediavine is actively seeking the work of Black and Brown artists to feature in the initiative.

“Mediavine is committed to doing its part,” said CEO Eric Hochberger. “From the sharing of resources and financial support, to using this incredible platform our publishers helped us build to amplify melanated voices and causes by leveraging in kind donations of unused ad space, we’re on this journey together now.”

The We Stand With You initiative marks the second time Mediavine has provided publishers with the opportunity to feature public service announcements in unused ad space. In March, the company offered a similar option to provide educational resources for the global coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 public service announcements remain an option for content creators alongside We Stand With You.

“Mediavine publishers are consistent industry leaders, and the unprecedented events of the last months haven’t changed that. Similar to their commitment to quality content creation and technological innovation, they are wholeheartedly committed to supporting Black and Brown communities with their platforms,” added Mediavine Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer Amber Bracegirdle.