How-To Rich Results and Rich Snippet Preview

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Create was one of the first plugins to support the How To markup, and has for nearly a year. Google only began officially recognizing How-To Schema last month, however.

It’s no secret that we’re beyond excited for Create and the publishers using it.

This presents a unique opportunity, especially in these early days of a new official Schema spec, to stand out from the competition.

Here’s our recent Go For Teal video that explains what How-to Schema is, and how Mediavine and Create are changing the game: 

While your competition is not running Create, your mobile results can occupy several times the real estate when Google marks up your content in what they call Rich Results or Rich Snippets.

NOTE: If you’re looking to replicate these results in search, please remember they’re currently only available on mobile and in English.

Today, I want to highlight some of the Mediavine publishers running Create and showcase some of these awesome new rich results they’ve been seeing. (And don’t miss this awesome post on Creative Ways to Use Create.)

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How-To Rich Results

See a few examples of How-To Rich Results in action:

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