Introducing PubNation

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We’re excited to announce the launch of PubNation, an entirely new ad management offering built by Mediavine utilizing our industry leading ad technology.

What is PubNation?

PubNation uses the same high-performance ad technology you’ve come to expect from Mediavine, including our Script Wrapper, Universal Player, S2S Technology, Grow and more.

The  most significant difference between the two is that PubNation uses a different Google Ad Manager, with separate seats (or accounts) at each of our major ad exchange partners.

This effectively means that PubNation publishers will have different-looking ads.txt files, will be listed in a different sellers.json and will be separated from Mediavine Ad Management websites in their bid requests to exchanges, even if they’re running the same technology.

There are also a few minor engineering differences between the two, including having their servers set up in separate clusters and other technical changes I won’t get into here. But you can think of it as an all new Mediavine product, built to cater to a different audience of publishers and advertisers.

Why PubNation?

To date, Mediavine’s mission has been to build sustainable businesses for creators who focus on long-form, often evergreen, lifestyle content, attracting brands that cater to the lifestyle sector of products and services. 

Generally speaking, however, this approach has not been an optimal match for sites specializing in gaming, sports, tech, entertainment and news. 

We created PubNation to bridge that gap and provide these site owners with the same industry-leading ad revenue opportunities that content creators under the Mediavine Ad Management umbrella currently enjoy. 

Using the same technology, PubNation and Mediavine Ad Management sites should be comparable in terms of ad performance.

These publishers will attract different advertisers, but that’s the nature of two offerings going after different markets.

At the onset, PubNation will only be for websites with a million or more sessions per month. But over time, we expect both of our ad offerings to further expand and differentiate themselves in new ways, including with their specific ad units, technologies and more.

This flexibility works to the benefit of both platforms and the clients they serve.

Commitment to Quality

You can rest assured that as Mediavine continues to ascend the list of Internet giants, we’re not doing it by compromising on quality. Every time we innovate and expand, we do so with an unwavering commitment to ad quality and improved publisher performance tailored to every market we support.

We’re doubling down on our mission of helping quality websites become successful businesses. Our overall market share and influence in the industry will only increase thanks to the continued growth of Mediavine and the addition of PubNation.

Mediavine for the World. Let’s get it.

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