Mediavine Launches Grow with the Acquisition of Social Pug and Optin Hound WordPress Plugins

The Company Also Announces the Creation of Mediavine Marketplace for Paid Versions of its Leading WordPress Products

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Nov. 11, 2019 – Mediavine, a full-service ad management company that helps content creators build sustainable businesses, announced the launch of Grow by Mediavine, a powerful combination of two WordPress plugins the company has acquired: Social Pug for social sharing, and Optin Hound for lead generation.

Social Pug and Optin Hound, previously owned by DevPups, provide WordPress users with efficient, easy-to-use ways to add social sharing buttons to posts and to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers. Social Pug, which will be optimized for site speed by Mediavine, has already been transitioned into Grow. The company’s next step is to incorporate aspects of Optin Hound into the new plugin.

Mediavine offers online content creators with educational tools, cutting-edge WordPress plugins and solutions, exceptional service and ad technology to maximize earnings with minimal impact on site speed. Grow allows the company to address two of the largest needs exhibited by its publishers: the request for a fast, reliable plugin to make social sharing easy for readers, and a way to easily drive more conversions.

Grow was announced at the company’s #MVCON19 Publisher Conference last week in Austin, Texas. The plugin joins the company’s other proprietary WordPress product, Create by Mediavine, a content card plugin for recipes, how-to cards, lists, and more.

In addition to introducing Grow at #MVCON19, the company also announced that its own platform, the Mediavine Marketplace, will soon be open to offer subscriptions to expanded, paid versions of Grow. Free versions of Grow and Create are currently available in the WordPress plugin repository.

“At Mediavine, we always look for ways to address the various business needs of our nearly 6,000 publishers. The launch of Grow stems from the same motivation for developing Create: Our publishers expressed a need and we knew we could provide a product that would help their businesses expand,” said Amber Bracegirdle, Mediavine Co-Founder and Publisher Relations Director.

Mihai Iova, DevPups Owner and Developer, will join the Mediavine team in the short term to assist in the transition.

“We look forward to having Mihai as part of the team and are excited to bring Grow to our rapidly expanding community of publishers,” added Eric Hochberger, Mediavine Co-Founder and CEO. “Existing Social Pug and Optin Hound users can expect to maintain all of the features they love while also enjoying improved site speed and additional support. As Grow further integrates with Create and our core ad management services in the coming years, we’re confident this will take the Mediavine experience to the next level for current and future publishers.”

Mediavine is a top 25 Comscore multi-platform digital media property, with more than 105 million unique visitors per month. It is also among the top five sites in Comscore’s Lifestyles, Food, Travel Information and Financial Information categories.*

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