Mediavine Will Transition to 100 Percent Server-to-Server Bidding in Q1 2021

Mediavine is the First Publisher to Implement an In-House OpenRTB Integration for Ad Auctions

BOCA RATON, Fla. – January 12, 2021Mediavine, the largest exclusive ad management company in the U.S., has custom built its own OpenRTB server that migrates traditional client-side header bidding to server-to-server (S2S) header bidding. Mediavine has more than 20 supply-side platform (SSP) and demand-side platform (DSP) partners currently adopting S2S who will be exclusive to the operation by the end of quarter one. The in-house S2S solution is proving to be effective, handling more than 300 billion bid requests a month.

S2S enables an advertisement auction to occur outside of the publisher’s website, as opposed to client-side bidding. Traditionally, an auction would occur on the client’s web browser, inundating it with activity. With S2S, one request is sent to an external server, creating a unified and streamlined auction process. S2S has numerous advantages over client-side bidding including fewer browser timeouts, less latency, higher ad viewability and maximized monetization.

“Server-to-server header bidding is the newest evolution in ad serving technology, but is no new concept to us, as we’ve experimented with it for years via products like Google Open Bidding and Prebid Server,” said Phil Bohn, Mediavine SVP of Sales and Revenue. “However, in order to truly shift our entire operation in a way that makes sense for years to come, we knew we had to forge our own path. Our cutting-edge technology puts us well ahead of the curve.”

Historically, the biggest complication with S2S connections was a revenue decrease from SSP and DSP partners due to cookie matching. Mediavine’s S2S technology eliminates revenue downfall for partners, and in fact provides an overall revenue increase.

“Mediavine is consistently on the forefront of programmatic technology and its in-house S2S solution is no exception, reducing page latency for users, while driving more revenue for publishers and better performance for advertisers,” said Wenda Zhou, The MediaGrid Product Lead. “By moving our integration to Mediavine S2S, The MediaGrid saw an immediate increase in win rates, empowering our demand partners to reach their target audiences with greater efficiency and scale.”

About Mediavine

Mediavine is the largest exclusive full-service ad management company in the United States, representing and monetizing nearly 8,000 publisher partner websites in addition to its owned and operated properties. Mediavine proudly ranks as a Comscore top five lifestyle property with 130 million unique monthly visitors and 17 billion monthly ad impressions. Additionally, Mediavine is an award-winning Google Certified Publishing Partner, Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), Ads.txt and GDPR compliant, and is also a member of the Coalition for Better Ads and