The First Season of Teal Talk Is In the Books

Talking about teal is one of our favorite things. It is our favorite color, after all! 

That’s part of why we named our second Facebook Live show ‘Teal Talk.’ Well that, and it’s a fun play on ‘real talk,’ which is what each guest that our Mediavine Marketing Manager Jenny Guy interviews delivers. 

Each episode centers around a useful topic for bloggers in all niches and experience levels, and Jenny works to find experts in each topic that will provide their honest expertise. On the Facebook Live platform, Jenny can ask the host questions from the audience in real time. 

Last summer Jenny brought us the first season of Summer of Live, our weekly Facebook Live talk show in the summer months. We’re so excited to be delving into another season of Summer of Live starting… next week! Join us on Thursday, June 6 for our first episode. (And yes, we wrapped up our last episode of Teal Talk on May 16, so we’re barely giving Jenny a break!)

Before we dive in to our next show, we wanted to take a look back at the first season of Teal Talk with Jenny. She’s here today to give us a behind-the-scenes look at her show, and then below we’re rounding up all 16 episodes from our first season for easy watching. You can also check out our Teal Talk playlist on our Youtube channel, and we’d love it if you’d subscribe! And if you’re a Teal Talk fan (thank you!), don’t worry, we’ll be back again in the fall with all new episodes and more awesome guests.

How did you get the idea to run a Facebook Live series?

Like most great ideas at Mediavine, it originally came from our Co-Founders. Our CEO Eric Hochberger wanted an ‘ask me anything’ Facebook Live, so we started looking into them. After our first two, we saw how amazing the platform was for us and our commitment to education. 

From there, we went all in. Planning as many as we could, organizing programming around them, constantly searching for guests and new show ideas.

It’s so exciting for us to be able to interview our publishers and other experts from our industry. We truly believe that rising tides raise all ships, so we want to provide as much information as we can to help influencers in every aspect of the industry.

How do you pick your guests? 

Our goal is to highlight as many different aspects of the industry as possible. Therefore, we look into all corners to find our speakers. From incredible Mediavine publishers to the people we meet at conferences, we’re always on the lookout for potential guests for our Lives.

What were some of your favorite episodes, Jenny?

What a tough question to answer. I love ALL of our episodes. We have had incredible guests at every turn. It always amazes me that influencers are happy and able to speak with us and share their knowledge with everyone.

In the season finale, Mediavine CEO Eric Hochberger interviewed YOU. What was that like? 

SCARY. (But only because I was nervous!)

No, it wasn’t at all. He was an amazing interviewer. We always have so much fun when we’re together on the Lives. 

I love gaining a bit of his expertise, which is vast in so many areas. Obviously, site speed, programmatic advertising, coding — he knows all the things. 

What can we look forward to for this year’s Summer of Live?

We’re gearing up for a great summer of programming! We have 3 themed months lined up:

June is Mediavine, where we will be focusing on everything we currently offer and what we’re planning for the future.

July is Beyond Blogging, where we’ll be chatting with experts from all around the industry on topics like book publishing and course and product creation.

August is Makin’ It Rain, and we’re going to be talking about everything INCREASED EARNINGS, from SEO to RPM.

How can we watch?!  

We’ll be live on Facebook every week! We post our information on the Mediavine Facebook page, so Like us there and make sure to RSVP to the Lives. (We pin all the information about the upcoming Live to the top of our Page.)

If you miss it Live, don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to watch!

Our videos are always available on our Facebook page, and once we edit them, we post them all to the Mediavine YouTube channel. There are loads of other videos on our channel, including all of the sessions from the Mediavine Conference, so please subscribe!

We can’t wait for the Summer of Live, but here’s a quick look at our first season of Teal Talk! 

Mediavine Teal Talk: Season 1

We had a blast putting together the first season of Teal Talk. Mediavine Marketing Manager Jenny Guy hosts our show, and focused episodes on topics ranging from affiliate marketing to Pinterest strategy.


AMA with Mediavine's CEO Eric Hochberger

Photo Credit:

For our first episode, we gave our publishers a chance to as us anything, and they delivered. Mediavine co-founder and CEO Eric Hochberger joined Jenny for a chat about ads, video, our WordPress plugin Create by Mediavine and what's in store for Mediavine in 2019.

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Tailwind with Melissa Megginson

Photo Credit:

Jenny talks with Tailwind's Melissa Megginson on Facebook Live about Pinterest strategies and how using Tailwind's tools and tribes can help you grow your Pinterest presence.

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SEO Tips and Tricks with Amber Bracegirdle

Photo Credit:

Learn tips and tricks for SEO with Mediavine co-founder Amber Bracegirdle. She joins Jenny for an 'ask-anything' Q&A session with Mediavine publishers on Facebook Live.

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Digital Marketing & Affiliate Programs with Marie Denee

Photo Credit:

Affiliate marketing is its own beast. Join Jenny as she talks with Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista for a Facebook Live Q&A about digital marketing, affiliate programs and more. Marie will be delivering our keynote at our Mediavine conference in Austin in November.

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Pitching Sponsors with Stephie Predmore

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Pitching and working with brands and sponsors for your blog can be tricky. In this episode, Jenny talks with our Director of Influencer Marketing Stephie Predmore on Facebook Live about making the leap and navigating the gray areas.

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Organization and Airtable with Angela Rathbun and Melissa George

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Learn how to organize your blog and the ins and outs of Airtable when Jenny interviews decor bloggers Angela Rathbun of Blue i Style and Melissa George of Polished Habitat.

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Video & YouTube with Ashlee Prisbrey

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We always say it's the decade of video, so better start now! Learn the ins and outs about filming video and running a YouTube channel when Jenny interviews pro Ashlee Prisbrey of Ashlee Marie. Ashlee will be speaking at our Mediavine conference in Chicago next month.

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Pinterest Strategy with Kate Ahl

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Up your Pinterest game with Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media. In this episode, Jenny asks Kate about actionable tips for live pinning and how to use tools like Tailwind to up your pin game. Kate will be speaking at our Mediavine conference in Austin in November.

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2019 Preview with Eric Hochberger

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In the first Teal Talk of 2019, Mediavine co-founder and CEO Eric Hochberger joins Jenny again for an in-depth look at what's in store for Mediavine in the new year.

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Going Full-Time With Your Blog with Alison Gary

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Ready to take the leap and go-full time with your blogging business? In this episode, Jenny talks with Alison Gary of the fashion blog Wardrobe Oxygen about how she quit her corporate job to go full-time with her blog and business, and how she balances her real life with running a business.

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Forming A Group That Grows with Brandi Riley

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In this episode, Jenny talks with blogger Brandi Riley of Mama Knows It All and Courage to Earn about how she balances all her to-dos and runs a successful Facebook group. Brandi will be speaking at our Mediavine conference in Austin in November.

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Email Jump Start with Matt Molen

Photo Credit:

Email newsletters can take your business to the next level. In this episode of Teal Talk, learn tips and tricks for growing your list when Jenny interviews Matt Molen of Personalized Paths (who is one of our speakers at our upcoming conference in Chicago).

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Why Podcasting? with Don Jackson

Photo Credit:

Jenny chats with Don Jackson of The Raven Media Group on this episode of Teal Talk. They talk about the ins and outs of starting a podcast to go alongside your blog. Don will be speaking more in-depth on this topic at our upcoming conference in Chicago.

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Create by Mediavine Q&A with Jordan Cauley

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Mediavine's Publisher Engineering Manager Jordan Cauley joins Jenny for an hour-long Q&A about our WordPress plugin Create by Mediavine. Learn more about its recipe, how-to and list features, as well as what is in store for Create in the coming months.

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Building a Brand You Can Stay Passionate About with Jocelyn Delk Adams

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In this episode, Jenny talks with food blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams of the website Grandbaby Cakes about the process of branding your website, as well as developing and maintaining a passion for your blog's brand.

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Public Speaking 101 | Mediavine Teal Talk

Photo Credit:

For our Teal Talk season finale, we flip the script and Mediavine co-founder and CEO Eric Hochberger interviews Jenny about something SHE is an expert on: Public speaking! Jenny covers the basics of pitching, overcoming stage fright, building slides and making a connection with your audience.

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