Summer of Live Recap

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This all began with a dream. The dream of wanting Mediavine to continue to step up our educational content game plus be more active with our Facebook Lives.

Jenny’s brain: “What if we did a summer campaign where we we did one Live per week for three months?!? We could call it…the Summer of Live! Like, the Summer of Love! Get it?!”

Yes, my brain can be a very strange place. But this time, it was spot on.

This summer was an absolute blast and we’re already planning for the amazing we’ll have coming your way during Mediavine’s next Summer of Live.

Watch all our Mediavine Summer of Live videos below!

You can also check out our Summer of Live playlist on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too.

1. AMA with a Co-Founder

Guest: Mediavine co-founder Eric Hochberger

We couldn’t kick off the Summer of Live with any guest other than Eric Hochberger. He’s a Mediavine co-founder and the architect of our ad technology.

I always have a great time when I get to sit down with Eric and this was no exception. He took everyone’s questions live and made for an info-packed first episode.

2. Sizzlin’ SEO

Guests: Mediavine co-founder Amber Bracegirdle and Joshua Unseth of Theory of Content

We dare you to find a blogging event or conference where SEO isn’t discussed! It’s always on the minds of publishers and it was a real treat to sit down with SEO experts and co-hosts of the Theory of Content podcast to pick their brains and ask all the questions about this most important of topics.

3. MVCon19 Announcement

Guests: Megan Myers, Amber Bracegirdle, Stephie Predmore of the Mediavine Marketing Team

We’d been impatiently sitting on our conference announcement for a while, but once we decided Live was the only way to reveal our TWO 2019 events, we could hardly wait. We sent marketing team members to Chicago and Austin, our two awesome locations, and told everyone the exciting news.

4. Negotiating & Contracts

Guest: Jamie Lieberman of Hashtag Legal and Businessese 

Lawyer for the digital world Jamie Haenick Lieberman is no stranger to the Mediavine universe. She was a conference speaker at our 2018 Mediavine Publishers Conference, we relied on her legal expertise during this summer’s GDPR and she talked with me about when influencers need to lawyer up on the Mediavine blog.

She’s an active listening and negotiating expert and she stopped by the Summer of Live to give all her best tips to our audience.

5. Blog Tech 911

Guests: Peter Green of Agathon Group and Lauren Grey of Once Coupled

When your blog gets borked, who you gonna call?!? I was lucky enough to sit down with TWO tech geniuses during this Live, both good friends of Mediavine, and they answered all the questions we threw at them and then some.

Lauren has previously guested on the Mediavine blog, demonstrating how to do a plugin self audit. Peter has also moonlighted on the blog, both when I interviewed him on everything you need to know about hosting but were afraid to ask and when he told us how to improve your site speed and GPSI score.

6. Programmatic 101 & Sales

Guest: Phil Bohn, Senior Vice President Sales & Revenue at Mediavine

What the heck is programmatic advertising anyway?! I had our Senior Vice President of Sales and Revenue, Phil Bohn, on the Summer of Live to find out.

He’s already been on the blog to tell us about cookies (not the yummy kind) and what advertisers are looking for and on the Live he broke down all the acronyms and made the crazy world of digital advertising simpler.

7. Next-Level Travel Blogging

Guests: Lia Garcia of Practical Wanderlust and Christina Guan of Happy to Wander 

‘Get paid to travel the world!’ But is it really that simple? We had 2 boss lady travel bloggers on the Summer of Live to tell us all about it, plus take questions from our audience.

Mediavine co-founder Amber Bracegirdle was our pinch-hitting host this week and all 3 ladies absolutely knocked it out of the park!

8. Food Blogging Trends

Guests: Brandy O’Neill of Nutmeg Nanny and Audra Fullerton of The Baker Chick 

When Mediavine began providing full service ad management, our first publishers were our contributors on Food Fanatic and all in the food blogging niche (including one of this week’s guests, Brandy!) While we have expanded far beyond our initial 30 publishers and the food world, food bloggers are still very important to us here.

I had an absolute BLAST dishing with 2 longtime food blogging success stories, who also happen to be lovely and funny human beings.

9. Money Blogging

Guests: Chris Peach of Money Peach and Deacon Hayes of Well Kept Wallet

Blogging about making money and actually making money go hand in hand.

I was delighted to chat with finance blogging pros Chris and Deacon about their tips for monetizing, affiliate marketing and passive income. These guys have scaled their blogs into businesses, and whether you’re a finance blogger or not, they drop a ton of gems that you absolutely must hear.

10. Unlocking RPM

Guests: Aimee Shugarman of Shugary Sweets and Courtney O’Dell of Sweet C’s Designs

Just about every one of our MVP publishers has wondered how to increase their Mediavine RPM, so we’ve brought in the big guns.

Aimee and Courtney have been with Mediavine since the beginning, and we are so glad they stopped by the Mediavine Summer of Live to share their tips and tricks for making the most of their Mediavine RPM.

From writing shorter sentences to increasing font size, these two funny women have lots of ideas you definitely want to start implementing! I loved chatting with them.


11. Traffic Growth

Guests: Stephanie Keeping of Spaceships & Laserbeams and Lena Gott of What Mommy Does

Whether you’re hoping to reach Mediavine’s application threshold or you’re already over the 50,000 session hump but hoping to grow more, this episode is not to be missed.

Stephanie and Lena have both implemented all kinds of traffic growth strategies, from Pinterest to SEO, and they were so kind to share what they’ve learned with us.

It was awesome to hear their amazing strategies, and Lena took the extra time to write a guest post for us explaining some of her techniques. Don’t miss these Action Items That Will Get You Massive Traffic!

12. Support Live

Guests: Heather Tullos and Nicole Johnson of Mediavine Publisher Support

Our award-winning Publisher Support team is known for their quick, helpful responses, so we asked our Director and Manager of Publisher Support to join us for Mediavine Summer of Live.

Both are bloggers themselves — Heather at Sugar Dish Me and Nicole at Or Whatever You Do — so their experiences extend beyond their time at Mediavine.

We talked all about site speed, the performance of the Mediavine CMP, the settings in the Mediavine Dashboard, how to rock the site health checks and our video capabilities.

13. Finance for Creatives

Guest: Amy Northard, CPA 

No one ever wants to talk about taxes and accounting, but we are so glad we met someone who does, Amy! She runs a business that helps creatives and bloggers with their finances.

I am so glad we could bring sweet Amy on to help us break down accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, retirement plans and more!

And that’s a wrap! I loved all 13 amazing episodes of the Summer of Live, and I am so excited we are jumping into our Teal Talk series for the fall.

Join us at the Mediavine Facebook page on select Thursdays for more 1-on-1 discussions with Mediavine employees and blogging professionals alike! We can’t wait.

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