We’re Still Mediavine

Mediavine has been in business since 2004, and needless to say, a great deal has changed after almost two decades.

We’ve gone from four founders running a publishing company to 185 employees helping over 10,000 publishers monetize their websites. The Mediavine team has built unprecedented ad technology and brought it to independent publishers. 

We’ve become an organization that not only withstands turbulent economic conditions, a shifting privacy landscape, the rise of the robots and other factors, but also one that is a thought leader and change agent for an entire industry grappling with an uncertain future.

In many ways, it’s a different world than when we started. But what I’m most proud of are the things that have not changed after all that time.

We’re Still Mediavine.

At our core, we’re still run by the same founders. We’re still independent, have no outside investment and are not beholden to external shareholders.

We still answer to you, our publishers.

We believe this is what makes Mediavine truly unique. Our award-winning customer service and top-performing ad units may be what drove a lot of you to Mediavine, because our independence — and the culture that fosters it — drives the innovation behind everything we do.

We’re still Mediavine. Here are a few reasons why that’s important — and how our publishers reap the rewards, year after year.

Industry Leading Revenue Shares

The biggest reason why our publishers earn the most is a simple one: They get to keep the vast majority of every dollar made by their website.

We offer revenue shares up to 90 percent to our publishers, even when we work directly with buy side platforms like The Trade Desk.

That’s unheard of to earn from a SSP or an ad management company, and we’re able to do it because of our independence. 

Mediavine is not controlled by a board, or shareholders or by metrics like EBITDA that position us for acquisition. Our roadmap is entirely in our own hands. 

We’re driven only by the same thing that led us into ad management — to help independent content creators build and grow sustainable businesses.

Still Mediavine. When you succeed, we succeed.

We know that putting more money in your pockets drives your business, ultimately making Mediavine more successful in the long term.

Big Ideas. Long Term Vision.

If you’re worried about stock prices or your private equity firm’s next valuation, your vision is likely to be very short term.

Because we’re independent and unencumbered by these considerations, we’re able to think long term and big picture.

It’s why we’re still the only company with a viable third-party cookie solution, built for a new, privacy-centric era.

We’ve poured millions of dollars into Grow to help publishers navigate a shifting landscape of regulations, artificial intelligence and other challenges. 

Grow is just one example. Whether it’s investing in our ad tech, our own video player or any of our products, we’re always thinking through the lens of how we can improve our content creators’ businesses now, and long into the future.

The freedom to embrace — and act on — big ideas comes from our independence. 

An Independent Voice. A Brighter Future.

After nearly two decades, and hopefully for decades to come, we’re dedicated to protecting and shaping the future of the web.

We believe the web needs to be independent and diverse. The only way we can champion that vision is to reflect this ourselves.

It’s why we choose to continue to be Mediavine. Because the web cannot, and should not, be run by a select few power brokers. 

Of the top 100 companies on the Internet, Mediavine is the only one with the same makeup as you, the publishers we serve.

Iron Internet Giant

Banded together, we’ve become an Independent Internet Giant — an achievement that is as much yours as it is ours.

We’re still Mediavine. And with your partnership, we’re going to keep it that way for another two decades and beyond.

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