Google Certified Publishing Partner Summit in Singapore: Big Things to Come in 2018

woman at office desk on laptop next to glasses and coffee

Mediavine recently had the privilege of joining fellow industry leaders and Google senior product managers at the two-day Google Certified Publishing Partner annual event in Singapore.

Singapore is very, very far away (12 time zones and 24 hours of air travel), but appropriately so, as attending such a prestigious event was symbolic of how far we’ve come as an organization.

Eric Hochberger (left) Brad Hagmann (right) at Google Headquarters.

Two of the guys who make it all happen.

When the company announced Mediavine as a Google Certified Publishing Partner earlier this year, we joined an exclusive list of fewer than 40 companies across the world to earn this designation.

Mediavine’s GCPP addition was the first in more than six months, and may in fact be the last for the foreseeable future, as the requirements for admission are only getting more stringent.

Google has long been one of, if not the strongest, industry partners accelerating Mediavine’s growth, thanks to its vast and powerful suite of digital advertising tools and products.

We have been thoroughly vetted and proven ourselves as experts in Google AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers, all of which are key to meeting monetization goals for our 2,200 publishers and counting.

In Singapore, our team discussed upcoming innovations regarding all of these products, including some potentially major developments currently in beta testing, that will help us serve you and your audience better in 2018 and beyond.

A slide containing the logos of various Google Certified Publishing Partners.

Front and center, just the way we (and the alphabet) like it.


  • AMP Improvements: Exciting news for those who have struggled implementing and optimizing AMP. Google will be improving the speed and functionality of these pages and AMP ads in the coming months.
  • Ads.txt MATTERS: One of the biggest takeaways from the summit was the company’s enhanced integration with ads.txt, taking major steps to prevent fraud and further ensuring that you, and by extension Mediavine, are the only authorized sellers of your inventory. We’ve stressed the importance of ads.txt for some time, a sentiment echoed by Google. (Please see our helpful guide to learn what is ads.txt and why you should use it immediately, if not sooner.)
  • Good Eats: On a food-related note, Singapore did not disappoint with its Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian influences. The eating is so good that even when you can’t understand the menu or your server and order the wrong thing (40-50% of the time), you’re never disappointed.
  • Sightseeing: We recommend the 57th-floor bar of the Marina Bay Sands if you’re ever stopping by the area and aren’t terrified of heights, or any of the beautiful city’s eco-tourist traps.
A Google sign built out of Legos at their corporate offices.

We left our mark on Google … literally. Can you find it??

The opportunity to discuss product innovations and key industry trends – as well as participate in team-building exercises and insightful panel discussions – with such an influential company was unparalleled, but this is just the start of our relationship with Google as a Certified Publishing Partner:

The 2018 Mediavine conference will be held at Google’s flagship Mountain View, Calif., campus, an event we are beyond excited for. In our continued partnership, our featured speakers will include representatives from Google educating attendees on Page Speed Insights and Search Console.

We hope to see you in Silicon Valley (tickets on sale Wednesday, November 15), and once again, a special thank you to all of our publishers. You were instrumental in helping us attain GCPP status, and your feedback and support make us a better company overall.

Brad Hagman (left), Eric Hochberger (center) and Steve Marsi (right) by a Halloween-decorated Google sign at Google's Singapore offices.

Happy Halloween from Singapore!

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