Mediavine Revenue Share Increase

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We want to pay you all more money.

Yes, you read that correctly. And it’s all part of our mission statement.

Our goal has always been to help publishers maximize the revenue they’re earning from advertisers, while creating a sustainable business for all parties, including Mediavine.

That’s how we originally settled on a 70% revenue share for publishers. We needed to make sure we accounted for discrepancies (which come out of our share), non-paying ad partners (this happens more than you’d think), sales commissions, ad-serving costs and the general costs of running a growing business.

You can read more about our revenue share in our original blog post.

However, now that we’re approaching 2,500 live sites, our growth has reached a level where it’s time to reevaluate things.

At our size, the cost of running our business is now relatively small compared to the revenues the network is generating. In short, we don’t need all that money in our pockets. We want it in your pocket.

Effective today, we’ve raised everyone’s revenue share to a minimum of 75%.

Wait, minimum?

Yes, we’re not done there.

As part of our Go for Teal optimization campaign that we’re launching in 2018, we’re setting up ad impression-based goals for publishers to be able to earn even more.

We’re now offering revenue shares up to 85%, and when you include our loyalty bonus, it’s possible to earn up to 90%.

We’re able to do this because as a site reaches a certain number of impressions, many of our costs decrease relatively, allowing for an even higher revenue share for the publisher.

Mediavine very much has, and always will, treat every publisher with the same dedicated support and care. That will not change, for any reason.

The exact details of the new revenue shares are available publicly in our revenue share help document. We’re as dedicated as ever to transparency on this (and every) issue.

The other important takeaway here is that these goals are not traffic-based, but ad impression-based.

This way, if your site is fully optimized, with regular sidebar refreshing, adhesion refreshing, and plenty of in-content ads, etc., you’ll hit those goals long before someone with more traffic and less optimization. We want your site to grow, and offer whatever guidance and support we can to help it do so.

One of our big goals with this change, and with the Go For Teal campaign that’s coming in early 2018, is to give you actionable steps that will put more money in your pocket, and provide advertisers with what they’re asking for, too.

You, our publishers, deserve this increased revenue share and so much more for helping make Mediavine the largest portfolio of exclusively represented inventory online. We’re dedicated to continuing to find ways to make you happy.

Thank you all so much for a remarkable 2017. Happy Holidays from the entire Mediavine family and we hope you’re ready for an even more exciting 2018!

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