Mediavine Publishers Grow Exponentially AFTER Joining. Here’s Why.

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If you’re already one of our publishers, or are familiar with us, you probably know that 50,000 sessions over the last 30 days is one of the primary Mediavine requirements.

We’ve found that reaching this magic number is a key indicator of when you should put ads on your site, and as a result, it’s become a goal for many bloggers just starting out.

We get excited emails from publishers building up their traffic until they can complete their Mediavine application, and more excited emails once they can and do apply!

It’s honestly one of the best things about working here.

Growing your traffic is not easy, especially from scratch! Seeing bloggers reach the point where we can help monetize their sites and reward them for that hard work is inspiring.

But there’s another thing I’m just as proud of: Once you become a Mediavine Publisher, the work is not over! It’s just the beginning of a journey to grow your business.

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The average publisher grows EXPONENTIALLY after joining Mediavine!

As the Director of Support, I look at all sorts of numbers and details about our bloggers, their sites and their accounts. We are always looking for ways we can be better and do more.

One of the most significant, yet under-appreciated trends that I’ve observed over the last four years is just how much traffic growth Mediavine publishers experience after joining.

I pulled a random sampling of our publishers (currently 7,000 and climbing) and the growth was exponential. Think 47% increase in traffic here, 67% there. 

Then the numbers got even more eye-opening: 582% growth for one website in my sample. More than 1200% growth for another — in less than two years for that particular case!

I looked back at my own analytics from 2015, and my traffic has grown by 70% since, despite my spending the last four years working full-time to help other bloggers and our support team here.

My organic search traffic is up by 64%, even if my blog doesn’t get the love it once did! I don’t say that to brag, but to note Mediavine’s role in enhancing publishers’ success.

While each of us as content creators, photographers, authors, graphic designers, marketers, etc., are ultimately responsible for the results we achieve, none of us do it alone.

We need help from VA’s and tools. We need information from our friends that are willing to share, and we need help from companies that are invested in our success and growth. 

I’m so proud that Mediavine is one of those companies, and happy to share with you some of the many ways in which we help our publishers grow. 

Knowing the “Unknowables”

Blogging can be pretty cutthroat, as many of you know.

It’s hard to know who to trust. Facebook can be a great resource for bloggers seeking answers to their questions, but it can also become the wild west of bad advice and worse people.

I remember blogging before I was a member of the Mediavine community, and clinging to a handful of friends. They were my only resource. What we do at Mediavine is scale that resource.

We’ve built a community that is both inclusive and supportive, and just as importantly, that serves as a resource. We want to help you know all the things about blogging that you don’t.  

We also learn from you, and with you, as part of this same community and over the past few years, our team has assembled a wealth of help articles on countless topics.

Our support team is always available to troubleshoot or help you through literally anything. There’s also our YouTube Channel, this very blog and of course our Facebook group. 

The Mediavine Facebook community is full of helpful people and collaborative answers. The dialogue is positive, the questions are thoughtful and the expertise is endless.

One of my favorite parts about our Facebook group are all the tips and tricks you can gather from publishers in other niches — ones you might not assume would be relevant.

As a web publishing company ourselves, and with numerous content creators amongst our employees, we’ve build a community and collection of resources unlike any other.

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SEO Resources from the Best in the Business

Mediavine started as an SEO company. In 2004! 

Our ad technology is built around Google’s recommendations and best practices, but the fact that we have ad tech at all is thanks to three guys who looked at a gossip website like a giant SEO science project.

They grew The Hollywood Gossip to be one of the biggest celebrity gossip sites in the business, and on top of everything else Mediavine now offers, that SEO knowledge is free to all of you. 

That may sound crazy (I’ve seen how much people charge for SEO courses and audits), but in these uncertain times and beyond, we are all in this together.

The better you do, the better we do.

We have a vested interest in building sustainable businesses for content creators like you. Offering expert SEO advice that actually works, for free, is one of many ways in which we demonstrate that. 

If you haven’t checked it out already, please see Eric Hochberger’s SEO like a CEO blog series (also available on YouTube). You’ll be glad you did and your traffic numbers will thank you!


Go for TealIt’s not just because teal is the color in our logo. 

I mean it is, but that’s not why we give you goals. 

We don’t just set up your ads and forget about it. We don’t do shady things behind the scenes. We challenge our publishers to improve their ad performance through actionable steps you can take.

Investing in the Future, and the Publishing Ecosystem

Beyond ad management, Mediavine built a suite of products from the ground up. We’ve assembled a team of in-house engineers that take your ideas and develop them with you in mind. 

With our community’s involvement in the development process from start to finish, we’re making the investment on our end so the things we Create (pun intended) are even better.

From our new Dashboard to Trellis and everything in between, our engineers read through your questions and comments, take your emails and escalations and find new ways to improve. 

Meanwhile, our brand team is on the lookout for any questions you might not have answers to, or topics to dive deeper into — everything from taxes to tools, and all the nuances therein.

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We Are Independently Owned & Operated

Those three guys I mentioned before, who started an SEO company in 2004?

Mediavine is owned and operated by them to this day. Why does this matter?

With no outside investment or controlling interest beyond our employees and publishers, Mediavine has proven both remarkably stable and adaptable through the years.

From a technology standpoint, we’re able to stay agile and adjust to changes more efficiently than the competition, investing in what we need next, not reacting late and playing catch-up.

We have both the resources and strategic vision to weather the current global health crisis and position our publishers optimally in the years to come.

Financial stability and transparency have been hallmarks of our ad management service from day one. You will always know where you stand here.

Peace of Mind

Whether it’s the help you need to get off the ground or the peace of mind that your blogging journey is in safe hands and ready to adapt to any challenge, we are here for you.

For all of these reasons and then some, Mediavine is the ideal partner to help you grow your website, whether it’s just starting out, well established or in between.

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