Mediavine Wins Two 2019 Google Certified Publishing Partner Awards

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At the beginning of November, a handful of the Mediavine crew made our way to gloriously cold New York City for the annual Google Certified Publishing Partner Summit, the third time Mediavine has attended since our move into ad management.

It was our also our first time presenting at the GCPP Summit.

Google in New York City for the annual Google Certified Publishing Partner Summit 2019

Nicole Johnson, our Vice President of Publisher Support, took to the stage and I’m just gonna say it — lit the place up!

Asked specifically to give a “Lightning Round” talk about Mediavine’s commitment to our onboarding process, and why that allows us to remain personal and also cultivate customers with real readers and true traffic, our novel approach was met with lots of questions both during the Q&A session and after.

I’m here to tell you it became the talk of the Summit — being mentioned by fellow GCPPs and Googlers alike throughout the two day meeting.

Nicole absolutely smashed it — it was awesome!

One of the things that Mediavine has been committed to from the start is helping content creators with a passion for the content they create. To us, it just makes good business sense to hire people who understand the passion and the work it takes to reach our common goal of making the most of the business of content creation.

Many of our employees have been or are currently bloggers, and if you don’t have a blog when you start here, we encourage you to try it out.

Understanding the pains and processes of our customers is key to our success, and to the core of our business.

We were able to share that with other GCPP partners, and it was awesome to hear their questions and see the wheels turning on how our process makes Mediavine who we are.

Mediavine team accepts 2 Google Certified Publishing Partner Awards in 2019

On the second day, Google hands out four awards for various GCPP goals. Mediavine won TWO of them, making us the winningest company of the event!

The 2019 Customer Satisfaction Award — for our “commitment to understanding the customer” and the 2019 Highest Health Score Award — for a perfect health score of 100.

The health score is made up of internal metrics decided by the Google Certified Publishing Partner team, and used to evaluate partners within the program.

Mediavine team accepting their 2 Google Certified Publishing Partner Awards.

To us, winning these two awards just solidified that we’re doing things in a way that provides not only our publishers with great value in a partner, but the advertisers as well.

Our goal has always been, and remains, to facilitate a partnership between content creators and advertisers that provides great value to both sides. We’re so thrilled to see that recognized through growth and awards like these.

A huge thank you to Google for a wonderful event and presentations, and to all the other GCPP partners for sharing their knowledge during the two-day event as well.

We can’t wait to see all that 2020 holds, which includes our biggest event yet, MVCON20 in Baltimore!

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