Content Upgrade Challenge

Take our 3-part optimization challenge to help you rev your ad revenue
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Content Upgrade Challenge

Updated in 2022, the Mediavine Content Upgrade Challenge is here to help you make the most of your digital advertising during high-traffic times like Q4.

From SEO to video, our workbooks and blog posts show you how to identify your top posts from previous years and optimize them so you can supercharge your revenue.

The 3-Part Process

Each part of the Content Upgrade Challenge is designed to help you go step-by-step through your content.


Part 1

Learn how to identify your top-performing posts from last year in Google Analytics to focus on in this challenge.


Part 2

Adjust your ad settings and optimize your top posts for ads and SEO to help boost your revenue.


Part 3

Share your hard work on social media so that more readers see your great content, and track your growth.

The Content Upgrade Challenge is for more than just Mediavine publishers. Even if you’re not yet monetizing with us — or even if you’re not monetizing at all — we’d love to have you in our Facebook group. These methods are great for increasing SEO, affiliate clicks and more.

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