Mediavine RPM Challenge — Just In Time For Quarter 4!

Let’s get ready for Q4, y’all! It’s knocking on our door!

While many of us think of Q4 as the quarter where we make all our money, it’s important to know that the advertising spend varies by the season. Advertising spend traditionally really ramps up in the second week of November and carries on through the end of December — more like six weeks than 12.

We’re so excited to see how your ads perform with the release of Script Wrapper 2.0, and making sure your content is fully optimized to go along with it is the perfect way to set your site up for the best Q4 ever.

Join Mediavine's RPM Challenge. Optimize your top content to get the most possible revenue every day of the year. (via

Announcing the Mediavine RPM Challenge

Over the next 3 weeks, we’re going to provide you with a challenge every Friday. We’ll provide steps, worksheets, and on the following Tuesday a Facebook Live in our Private Facebook group where you can ask our Publisher Support specialists questions in real time to make sure that your content is the best it possibly can be. 

You don’t have to be a Mediavine publisher to participate in the challenge — if you don’t have ads yet, or have ads with another provider, that’s totally okay! We’d love to see you work along with us. Just leave any questions you have in the comments on this post.

Before we do anything else, I want to make sure you’ve read and implemented Eric’s font size and line height recommendations. They are super important for user experience AND your ads!

First, we’re going to prepare by helping you narrow down the posts you should focus on. Some of this is educated guessing — we’re going to assume that if your post was seeing traffic last October, November, or December, it will hopefully do so this October, November and December.

We’ve created a Google Analytics report to help you narrow things down. Concentrate on your top 10-15, keeping in mind that new content you create should be made with optimization in mind, and then if anything goes viral, you are SET.

To use the report:

Log into your Google Analytics account. Please make sure you’re signing into the base account that’s set as administrator for the Google Analytics you want to access. You may need to log out of all other Google accounts.

Now navigate to this URL

The first screen will ask you to “Select A View” — choose your website and click the blue button labeled “Create.” If you don’t see the below dialogue, click the “Import” button. 

Set the date range to Oct 1, 2017 – Oct 31, 2017 and hit “Apply”.

The resulting report will be your top posts for all of October 2017.

Print out the PDFs or email them to yourself, or just save them to your reports here in Google Analytics. Wherever it makes the most sense for you to be able to access the information as we move into the next part of the challenge. Repeat this process for November 2017 and December 2017.

More money in your pocket is our entire goal here — well, that, and making your content better for the long haul. So that if this same content sees traffic again next Q4, you are completely ready.

We’re planning on running this challenge at the start of every quarter — there’s money to be made in every quarter of the year, not just Q4. We’re excited to launch this just in time for this Q4. Between Script Wrapper 2.0 and the hard work you do here, it will be your best yet.

Now let’s get into the goodies! 

We have prepared two sets of worksheets for you. They are virtually the same, but one is in Google Sheets for the digital record-keepers, and the other is a fillable PDF download for you paper pundits. 

For this week, you’ll want to focus on the Site Checklist and Google Analytics Audit, but if you feel like jumping ahead, go for it! In Part 2 of the RPM Challenge we’ll be digging into the ad-related to-dos, and Part 3 of the RPM Challenge, we talk about social media and tracking your growth. 

Lastly, we started a new Facebook group for the Mediavine publishers who wish to participate in the Mediavine RPM Challenge and are looking for some support. You can find the link posted in our main Facebook group! 

(If you’re not in our main Facebook group yet, we’re happy to add you. Just send an email to!) 

See you on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018 for our first Facebook Live for the Mediavine RPM Challenge! 

12 thoughts on “Mediavine RPM Challenge — Just In Time For Quarter 4!”

  1. I am not w Mediavine yet but hope to be soon. Thx for the opportunity to follow along!

  2. Thank you so much. This is such a great idea that helps all of us optimize our blogs and increase our revenue.

  3. This is awesome! Thank y’all for being amazing advocates and supporters!

  4. Shihoko Ura says:

    I missed the LIVE on wednesday. Is there a recording of the live??

    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Hi Shihoko! It was recorded and is in our RPM Challenge Facebook group. If you’re not in there yet, shoot us an email to!

  5. Louise Myers says:

    When I go to the URL, I don’t see what you see. I do have “Mediavine Popular Content Report” but no place to choose my site… I can find this info another way but wondering why mine looks nothing like yours.

  6. Susannah Brinkley says:

    Hey Louise! I would recommend trying in another browser — sometimes that does the trick because it can be finicky. We were using Google Chrome, but even if you can log out of all of your other accounts and are still having trouble, try Safari or Firefox and see if that does the trick!

  7. I can only see “Mediavine Popular Content Report” also — and if I sign out of google and go to the link it just tells me I need to sign in to google, then I see the MV report again — no matter which browser I used.

    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Hey Cheryl,
      Sorry to hear you are having trouble. What browser are you using? Sometimes it helps to try another browser and you should be able to run the report from there.
      Also are you logging into Google Analytics with more than one account? You will need to log out of all EXCEPT the account your analytics are connected to.
      Try both of those things, and let us know if you are still having trouble!

  8. Jessica says:

    Thank you! I couldn’t load in Safari, but Chrome is working!

  9. It worked in Safari for me. In Google Chrome, somehow it did not work.

    Anyways I would like to thank you guys. This is such a great idea that helps all of us optimize our blogs and increase our revenue.

    1. Susannah Brinkley says:

      Thanks for letting us know, Meredith! I’m happy to know Safari worked for you.

      So glad you are participating in the the RPM Challenge and here’s to higher RPMs!

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