Summer of Live: Season 2, Part 3

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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss 

The days are getting shorter, school’s back in session and are you ready for some football?! Fall is falling all around us, which means that Summer of Live 2019 has come and gone.

That’s 13 Facebook Lives in 13 weeks!

I’d just like to say that I HAVE THE BEST JOB.

This is my second summer interviewing experts from around the blogging and digital media industry and it’s hard for me to believe that anyone enjoys it and learns as much from it as I do. 

The Brand team has a blast coming up with topics and scrolling through our digital Rolodexes to find the perfect guests for each week.

For the first Summer of Live in 2018, we covered a wide range of topics and got perspectives from multiple blogging niches.

For our second year of programming, we wanted to think a little outside the blog so to speak and devote each month to a specific theme. 

In June, we took a deep dive into some popular topics at Mediavine, like our most valuable content WordPress plugin Create. July was all about going beyond the blog, exploring ‘side gig’ revenue streams like course creation and book publishing. 

And we couldn’t close out a summer of programming without focusing on the bottom line, so we spent August making it RAIN!

We’re breaking down and linking to each of our 5 August episodes below, but remember, every episode of the Summer of Live (and Go For Teal and Teal Talk and all of the videos we make) are always available on Mediavine’s YouTube channel.

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Summer of Live: Season 2, Part 3

Episode 9: Monetizing With Video

Guests: Meredith Marsh of VidProMom and Kristen McDonnell of Studio Knit

To kick off Part 3 of the Beyond Blogging series, Jenny talked with Meredith and Kristen about “the decade of video” and how video has become one of the biggest money makers for Mediavine publishers.

Both of these amazing women are amongst Mediavine’s top video producers and video experts.

They love to share their expertise and passion for video to help encourage others to incorporate more video into their work.

Learn about how Meredith and Kristen use Mediavine’s unique video tools, as well as YouTube, for better SEO and traffic which of course leads to more money! 

(Recorded August 1, 2019)


Episode 10: Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Guests: Amanda Williams of A Dangerous Business and Jeannine Crooks, Client Services Manager at Awin 

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about affiliate marketing, then you will definitely want to watch this episode of the Summer of Live.

Affiliate marketing is often an underused revenue stream, but thanks to these two experts, Amanda and Jeannine, you can learn how to really earn and diversify your income. 

(Recorded August 7, 2019)


Episode 11: Stepping Up Your SEO Game

Guests: Morgan McBride of Charleston Crafted and Joshua Unseth, Director of Marketing at Alarm Grid and co-host of the SEO podcast Theory of Content

Episode 11 was our most watched Live this summer.

We’d like to think it has something to do with SEO, but we’re also pretty certain Josh’s confession of having a secret Beanie Baby blog has made those views climb too.

We’re on the hunt for it, don’t you worry!

You can’t talk about making money without discussing SEO. If you’re ready to implement some tactics that can help your site grow, this episode is for you.

Jenny hosted these two SEO experts, Morgan and Joshua, to talk about the power of SEO and ways you can step up your SEO game. You don’t want to miss this Live!

(Recorded August 14, 2019)


Episode 12: Unlocking RPM, Part 2

Guests: Lance Cothern of Money Manifesto and Dorothy Kern of Crazy For Crust 

Since Unlocking RPM was one of the most popular episodes of the Summer of Live 2018, we decided to bring it back for part 2!

In this episode of the Mediavine Summer of Live, we took our Beyond Blogging focus to Lance and Dorothy who broke down how they utilize Mediavine’s tools to increase their RPM’s and revenue.

Watch this episode of Mediavine’s Summer of Live just in time to get prepared to up your earnings for Q4

(Recorded August 21, 2019)


Episode 13: Building Traffic

Guests: Jenn Fishkind of Princess Pinky Girl and Tanya Fleming of My Forking Life 

Even though traffic isn’t the only important metric, it is definitely a vital component for website success.

In this last episode of the Mediavine Summer of Live, Jenny talks with Jenn and Tanya as they share their secrets to growing traffic.

Whether you are already a Mediavine publisher wanting to increase your revenue, or a content creator who is striving to apply to be a Mediavine publisher, you won’t want to miss this chat about why traffic matters. 

(Recorded August 29, 2019)

Just because the Mediavine Summer of Live is over doesn’t mean the learning and fun will stop.

We are taking a short break before we resume with Season 2 of Teal Talk!

If you have suggestions for topics or guests, we’d love to hear them at

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