An Introduction to Ads

Fine, we admit it: Talking about ads can be boring. 

The functioning and monetization of our modern system of digital advertising is complex and explaining it can cause the eyes to glaze over of even the most interested people.

Sure, there are some among us who like nothing more than to spend a few hours talking about how cookies impact ad revenue and the history of digital advertising, like our Senior Vice President of Sales and Revenue Phil Bohn and our Director of Ad Operations Brad Hagmann, respectively. (And we’re glad they do, because their expertise makes it rain for the rest of us!)

But these two are the exception and not the rule. For the vast majority of us, digital advertising is a mysterious process and ad speak a foreign language.  

How do ads work? We've rounded up our essential videos and blog posts explaining how ads work. Check them out and impress your friends at parties with your newfound understanding of the intricacies of digital advertising!

Luckily, here at Mediavine, we have team members like Phil and Brad and our CEO Eric Hochberger. Eric has devoted several episodes of his Go For Teal video series to teaching us how digital advertising works and earns money for publishers. 

With each video being only a few minutes long, key concepts like header bidding and all those pesky acronyms (SSP, RPM) are broken down into easily digestible chunks. 

We’ve rounded up some of his essential videos for you here. Check them out and impress your friends at parties with your newfound understanding of the intricacies of digital advertising!

How Ads Work

Quickly and painlessly learn how your ads make you money with Mediavine CEO Eric Hochberger.


What is Header Bidding?

We go over header bidding, the core behind the ad technology at Mediavine. Learn what powers the auction of auctions.

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What is an SSP?

Supply Side Platforms (or SSPs) are a key part of the auction process in header-bidding, which is how ads get on your website.

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What is RPM?

What is RPM? RPM is short for Revenue per Mille (or Latin for thousand), but what exactly does that mean and how do we use it at Mediavine? Watch to find out.

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What is CPM?

CPM lays out how you earn money, how partners value your inventory, and how we optimize that inventory.

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What is Lazy Loading for Ads?

Learn about lazy loading ads and why it's so important to Mediavine's fast site loading times and improved viewability.

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What is Fill Rate?

Fill rate is a very important metric in digital advertising. Learn how it works and the unique way Mediavine engineers pricing, ad quality and user experience using fill rate.

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What is Viewability?

Viewability, or how much an ad is actually seen, is a measure advertisers use to determine how well a campaign is doing. Learn how viewability works in regards to ads, and how Mediavine uses this measurement to make better deals on behalf of all our content creators

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What is Video Header Bidding?

Like display and native ads, video header bidding is an auction for video ads, like the ones that play before your videos utilizing the Mediavine Video Player. Learn how it works and why it's kind of a big deal in this blog post and video.

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Eric will be back with new Go For Teal videos soon! Make sure to subscribe to the Mediavine YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode.