How To Be Visible Right Now

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Do you know how to be visible right now? Amanda Berlin is on our blog today to talk about how even in times like these, it’s important to keep showing up.  

Amanda Berlin

Amanda Berlin is a visibility and business consultant for entrepreneurs. She works with clients on holistic visibility to help them grow their business and impact based on tactics employed during her 12 years in the corporate PR world, guiding strategy for major brands. Amanda and her clients have been featured in all types of media — from Business Insider to Entrepreneur on Fire and WNYW Fox 5 to She’s the host of The Empowered Publicity Podcast and loves arming soul-powered business owners with the ideas and skill-set they need to go from hidden industry gems to recognizable trusted experts. 

How — and WHY— to be Visible Right Now                                                      

To say we’re in unprecedented times would be an understatement.

But as bloggers and business owners, we have a few options:

Retreat. Put business on hold.



Rise as leaders who can provide a much-needed respite for our readers and followers.

Rise as leaders who STILL have something important, of-value, to say.

Rise as leaders who will be part of the new world order when we are in the “after” of all of this.


I don’t think so.

There is NO DOUBT that the world will be a different place when we emerge from the veil of this physical distancing.

And the way to weather the unfathomable impact of this economic shutdown is to… KEEP SHOWING UP.

Your people need you.

So now that we’ve established that it is not only appropriate but necessary that you stay in the game during these times, here are three ways to BUILD your visibility and influence… even now.

These ideas are based on the three-part visibility framework I teach my clients and walk through with them in our program Pitch To Prominence. You can download a copy of my visibility framework for free here.

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Reach out to your favorite fellow bloggers or business owners — even those you’ve deemed “out of reach” or a few steps further down the road than you — and suggest a collaboration. The best way to START this conversation is to simply reach out and connect with a word of admiration or respect for the work they are doing out there in the world.


Hi [Name],
Hope you’re doing well given the state of the world! I just wanted to say I love your work. Keep going! Your recent piece on [XYZ] really resonated with me because of [ABC]. I really appreciate what you’re putting out there. Thanks! And stay well!
[Your Name]

Keep it short. Make it genuine. Release your expectations. Hit send.

From there you can continue the conversation with a request for a conversation (yes, an actual conversation) where you can chat about how you can support each other.

As a result of this somewhat risk-free bold act, you’ll make a new connection. And as a result of your eventual collaboration, you’ll get new eyes on your business.

When you find the right collaborators, your message reaches other people who are interested in your area of expertise, but who didn’t know of you before. Your influence widens, and the audience feels they’ve learned of you by the all-powerful medium of word-of-mouth.


Yes, I know, we’re not allowed to get together in person. Consider hosting an online event. This dovetails nicely with the quest to connect with collaborators.

Putting yourself in the middle of an online round-table or your version of a virtual summit can position you as a leader, connect you to new allies, and introduce your work to new eyes. (For more details on how to plan events for bloggers, read this post from Megan, Mediavine’s Events Coordinator.)

The first thing to do: Determine what kind of “event” you want to host.

Here are some ideas:

  • Host a panel discussion
  • Design your own version of a virtual summit
  • Launch an interview series; you can record ahead of time
  • Do a Facebook live series 
  • Launch a promo posse with like-minded friends

When you venture to create an event, you’re putting yourself at the center of a happening. The light shines on you. You become a connector. You become known as someone who curates good information, and a great experience, for both the consumers of your event and the people with whom you collaborate to bring the event to life.

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The media is consumed with the news of the day, but there is space for you to contribute if you’re willing to pivot your message, just a little, for these times.

When you become a contributor now, especially when journalists’ jobs are harder than ever, you can make a friend for life.

The fact is journalists, decision-makers, podcasters and producers are always looking for great ideas and reliable contributors. When you create this bond by fulfilling that role, you forge a relationship you can capitalize on overtime.

Court media you admire or listen to yourself. Look for media that is relevant to your audience.

Ask your people what they are paying attention to right now.

Make a connection with the “decision-maker.” [See above email script; that works for media, too!]

Then, think of your story angle. Ask yourself how your work is relevant to the media outlet, their audience and what’s happening in the world right now. (This is true for WHENEVER you’re pitching).

Pick which of these visibility tactics you’re going to start with and jump in. The only downside to these tactics is NOT doing them. You can stay small and remain where you are in your work.

Or you can be bold and brave right now. You can enjoy a deeper connection with your audience. You can recruit new fans because you’ve put yourself and your expertise out there in new ways.

THIS is what these times demand of us.

We loved having Amanda and her PR expertise on the Mediavine blog! To learn more about her secrets for a successful appearance, watch her session from the Mediavine Influencers Conference in Austin, visit, or check out The Empowered Publicity Podcast.

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