Announcing Mediavine Pro

Mediavine Pro

Back in the early days of Mediavine’s ad management offering, we made a promise to ourselves and our publishers to always be open to change. 

Possibly as important as our mission statement, being open to change has allowed us to Grow (pun intended) and build things that 2015 Eric, Amber, Matt and Steve wouldn’t even be able to imagine. 

Nor could we foresee just how many magnificent minds we’d have on staff to build those things, market those things and support those things because who the heck would have guessed we’d grow to more than 9,000 incredible publishers in just six short years? Wild doesn’t even begin to cover it.

One of our big goals at Mediavine is meeting bloggers at every point in their journey as content creators, whether they’re just starting out (sign up for our newsletter below), beginning to monetize (have you checked out the Content Upgrade Challenge?), hitting their stride with a nice side income, or going pro and letting go of that full-time job for the very first time. 

So today we’re announcing our next big deal: Mediavine Pro.

Built especially for high-performing, full-time professional publishers, this invitation-only program comes with a whole slew of benefits.

What Is Pro?

  • 85% Base Revenue Share
  • Dedicated Pro Support Team
  • Private Pro Facebook Group Access
  • Opportunity to apply to Mediavine Ad Management for additional sites at a lower traffic threshold of 25k monthly sessions
  • Plus more to come!

How Do I Qualify?

Mediavine Pro is an invitation-only program for professional bloggers with an individual site earning a minimum of $100,000 in annual ad revenue.

If you’re an existing Mediavine publisher, or have questions about Pro, please reach out to us at

What If I Don’t Qualify Yet?

Pro is designed as a place to grow into for all Mediavine publishers. Set your goals, keep achieving and we’ll see you soon!

In the meantime, nothing will change for MVPs. You’ll still be receiving the same great support, along with all the different opportunities to increase your revenue share (more on that below!)

If you currently qualify for Pro, you’ll receive an email from us today, even though the program isn’t officially going live until October.

Think of today’s message as our “save the date.” Once the program is live, all you’ll have to do is opt in via the Mediavine Dashboard, and tada! You’re in Pro. 

If you’re not there yet, we’ve got all sorts of resources to help, from podcasts and Facebook Lives to Mediavine University courses (more coming soon, but have you seen Eric’s brand new RPM Elevator course exclusively for MVPs?!) and the Content Upgrade Challenge. Pro is waiting for you.

What If I Work With Another Ad Management Company?

We’d be happy to consider you for Pro. You’ll follow our traditional application process and we’ll work with you to review supporting documents so you can snag that invitation to the Pro program. We have an entire team that specializes in applications received from other providers and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Mediavine Premiere

While we’re here, let’s talk about another big deal: Mediavine Premiere

We’ve purposely kept quiet about this small beta program for the last two years while we tweaked and tested exactly how we want Premiere to look and feel. You may have heard about it in blogging groups, or even landed on its somewhat vague landing page, and we know that isn’t our usual style. After all, transparency is something we’re incredibly dedicated to. 

Today we’re going on the record. When you’ve taken your website to the highest heights, gone past Pro and into the blogging stratosphere, then Premiere is for you. 

Premiere Logo

What Is Premiere?

  • 90% Revenue Share
  • Dedicated, 1:1 Support and Premiere Account Management
  • Private Premiere Facebook Group Access
  • Annual Premiere Retreat
  • Opportunity to apply to Mediavine Ad Management for additional sites at a lower traffic threshold
  • Plus more!

How Do I Qualify?

Mediavine Premiere is an invitation-only program for professional bloggers with a site earning a minimum of $500,000 in annual ad revenue.

Will I Automatically Get Into Premiere If I Hit The Minimum Requirements?

Premiere isn’t the right fit for every website or website owner. We’re looking for business owners that see Mediavine as true partners in all aspects of their business. 

As part of this exclusive, invitation-only program, we’re looking for site owners willing to help guide the next iteration of all things Mediavine, providing thought leadership, feedback and help — not only to Mediavine, but to each other.

The minimum requirements are our starting place, but not every site that meets those minimum criteria will make it into Premiere. Premiere will always and intentionally be a small, select group of websites rather than an automatic advancement.

Are The Loyalty Bonus Or Ad Impressions-Based Revenue Shares Going Away?

Absolutely not. We want site owners to have myriad ways to reach their potential at Mediavine, and that means that we’re not removing the Loyalty Bonus or Ad Impressions-based Revenue Shares at this time.

However, it is changing a little bit for members of Pro. With Pro, 85% will be the minimum revenue share. If your impressions + loyalty are higher than 85% over the last 30 days, you’ll receive that. If you don’t, 85% will be your minimum revenue share.

As a recap, our Loyalty Bonus rewards every site owner on their Mediavine anniversary with an additional 1% added to their revenue share, to a maximum of 5%.

If you’ve been with Mediavine for five consecutive years or more, you automatically earn an additional 5% revenue share. 

On top of that, our ad impression-based goals reward well-optimized sites by focusing on what matters most: to provide engaging content to your readers so they’ll stick around, seeing more of your content and more ads, too. 

These goals break out as follows:

  • For 5 million ad impressions over the previous 30 days, your revenue share automatically jumps to 80%. 
  • For 10 million ad impressions over the previous 30 days, your revenue share automatically jumps to 82.5%. 
  • For 15 million ad impressions, the jump is to 85%. 

If you’ve also got a Loyalty Bonus, it adds to your overall revenue share, which means you can reach all the way to 90% with the right combination of loyalty and optimization

We’re so excited for the future of Pro, Premiere and everyone that works with Mediavine Ad Management. We’ve got incredible new features coming to Grow soon that will only enhance the experience and earnings our ad management customers can achieve, so make sure you’re running Grow if you’re not already! 

We’re ready to tackle the future of programmatic advertising as a team. Thank you for trusting us with your business and your feedback — it always pushes us to be better. 

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