Mediavine Payments Guarantee: Why You Will Always Be Paid, In Full, and On Time

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As an Internet publisher since 2004, and an independently-owned business with no outside investment, Mediavine prides itself on sustainability, transparency and financial responsibility.

This has always been the case, but it bears repeating now more than ever:

Mediavine publishers will always be paid in full, and on time.

Even if we are paid late, or left on the hook entirely by advertisers.

In unfortunate situations when an ad partner has delayed payments to Mediavine or gone out of business, we’ve absorbed the often-substantial amounts so that our publishers are unaffected.

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It’s the Mediavine guarantee. And it always will be.

Our commitment to publishers is unwavering, along with the approach that sets Mediavine apart in every aspect of the industry — finding solutions to complex problems from an engineer’s perspective.

Thanks to our proprietary new technology BidShield®, we’re able to mitigate risk more efficiently than ever and maintain the kind of flexibility and innovation that defines us as a business.

Not only are we offering our publishers increased protection in tumultuous economic times, but we believe the introduction of BidShield® could potentially earn you more than before.

This joint engineering, ad operations and business intelligence tool helps us analyze and reduce risk, to be sure – but it also allows us to onboard new ad partners at a time when few others are able.

At Mediavine, it’s simply not enough to maintain the status quo.

Every company guarantees it will pay you. That’s what all contracts say. No one promises you they might pay on time. What you should ask is if a company has truly earned your trust.

Sound financial management and the ability to guarantee payments through turbulent economic conditions is vital, but that’s what you should expect from us, or any service.

We never want to stop innovating and exceeding expectations.

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This is true when it comes to our award-winning support, a customized product suite designed to support our community or evaluating and optimizing the companies involved in our auction.

We want to say ahead of the curve, not rest on our laurels.

If one of our advertising partners ends up going out of business, of course the fallout from that should be our responsibility, and it will be. (Did I mention the Mediavine guarantee?)

The more important question is how we respond to such challenges. Are we reactive and overly cautious going forward? Or do we look at setbacks as an opportunity to do better?

Even in 2020’s unprecedented economic climate, while others cut salaries, furloughed staff and assumed defensive positions, we’ve continued hiring and adding new publishers at a rapid pace.

In that sense, the Mediavine guarantee is not just about payments arriving on time. It’s about setting a long-term vision for the publishing community and an investment in its future, come what may.

Our mission is building sustainable businesses for content creators, and at over 6,600 strong, we’ve come a long way — not by congratulating ourselves for things we’re supposed to do, but by looking ahead.

This crisis won’t be the last challenge we face, but rest assured, we aren’t just fighting the last battle. We’re putting ourselves in the best position to handle the next one and beyond.

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