Remember in April when we mosied down to Charleston and had a little conference with all the fun, and swag, and learning, and food, and drinks, and dancing and there was a BOAT? Here’s a handy-dandy video recap, in case you missed it: We’re doing it again. But this time at the Google complex in California. February 28th-March 2nd, 2018. And the person who is responsible for bringing all the awesome together is our Conference Organizer, Megan Myers. Or as I call her, Chief Wrangler of the Best Foodstuffs and Coordinator of Amazing Times. (More titles than Dany from GOT) As part of our #CountdownToCali post series, I did a little wrangling myself and got her to sit down for a few minutes to talk over all the great things that we’ve got coming your way next year. Trust me, based on the details she’s […]

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