SEO Case Study: The Clean Eating Couple

Here at Mediavine we have often heard people question whether or not ads and SEO can coexist. Let us cut right to the chase with this SEO Case Study and confirm that yes they can!

We even have a whole blog post dedicated to that exact topic: How Mediavine optimizes ads and SEO together, in order to back that up.

Since we would never want to compromise speed or SEO for ad income, Mediavine always makes sure both of these are our top priority.

We even run our technology on our own sites, all of which have search engines as their #1 traffic source.

Our SEO Case Study series was created to show you real examples of how publishers leverage Mediavine’s SEO resources, pagespeed tools, video and ad settings to try to rank higher in search engines, boost traffic and earn more income with their ads.

Here is our latest series installment, and we are very excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Falcigno of the site The Clean Eating Couple.

Liz is sharing about the importance of SEO and the resources she uses, her video strategy and its positive impact on her revenue, how much she loves Mediavine’s award-winning customer service and more!

Welcome to the blog, Liz!

SEO Case Study with the clean eating couple

How long have you been blogging? When did you join Mediavine?

I’ve been blogging since January of 2013 — so just about 7 years! I joined Mediavine in September of 2017.

What is your current ad density setting in the dashboard for desktop and mobile? Why did you choose this setting?

All of my ad density settings are at the default, except for my desktop settings, which are at 25%.

I don’t want to bog down my site with ads, but definitely want to make sure I’m being compensated for my great content!

When did you start focusing on SEO and/or site speed? How has working with Mediavine impacted your SEO, site speed and site overall?

I started focusing on SEO and site speed back in May of 2018.

I am confident that Mediavine is doing everything they can to optimize for SEO/site speed — so I don’t worry too much.

They’re doing their best, so I control what I can and let Mediavine keep doing what they do best!

What steps have you taken to improve your SEO and/or site speed? What resources/tools have you used?

I took Hashtag Jeff’s SEO course and immediately rethought the way I created content. My posts were too story heavy and not helpful enough for my readers.

I started thinking of every single question readers could possibly have related to my recipes and included all the helpful tips to share with them that I could.

chicken pot pie soup

Did you find any Mediavine resources useful as you optimized your site speed or SEO? Specific help docs, blog posts and/or YouTube videos?

The Content Upgrade Challenge is great, and all of the Facebook Live Teal Talks that you guys do are really helpful.

Could you please describe your video strategy? What platform do you use to create video? How many videos do you have uploaded through the Mediavine Video Player? How has the use of Mediavine’s Video Player impacted your revenue?

I have outsourced my video creation. I have 16 videos right now, and I focused on creating them for my most popular posts.

Video has been HUGE for my revenue! I’m so glad I started doing it!

Where do you learn about SEO news and updates? How do you keep track of changes?

I learn about and stay updated on SEO thanks to a variety of podcasts, emails and also Facebook.

the clean eating couple logo

What advice do you have for someone who would like to increase their organic search traffic?

Create the best possible content and focus on quality over quantity.

You can also update your old content to be SEO friendly vs. sticking to the ‘new, new, new’ mentality.

Before you hit publish, make sure you did everything you possibly could to help your readers!

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