Adventure into the Sweet Land of Money for tips and help docs to increase your impressions and CPMs

How to Win

1. Focus on the big picture. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-shot magical cure-all for all your site speed/blogging woes.
2. Change one thing at a time to monitor the impact more easily.
3. Look at your site on mobile when optimizing. The majority of your users are likely not on a desktop.
4. Don’t compare RPMs! If you want to compare, compare your year-over-year progress instead of comparing with other sites (even those in the same niche)


Day 1

Increase Ad Frequency Using Data

Adjust your ad frequency (how often ads appear in your posts) based on the length of your content and visual appeal. More ads might equal more money, but they don’t always equal the best user experience.


Day 2

Fill Out and Update Your Video Details

Video details are crucial for your CPM, so ensure you’re filling out each field to maximize your revenue.


Day 3

Add Images

To make the most of pictures in your posts, use vertical images and add a hard return between pictures and text. Include as many unique images (that add value) as you can.


Day 4

Check Your Jump Button Settings

Jump buttons are great for readers, but they can hurt your CPM. The solution? Make them less obvious. Readers who are looking for them will find them; others will keep scrolling past your ads to reach your most valuable content.


Day 5

Add Video

We can’t stress this enough. Add videos to all of your posts! Creating video is simple with easy to use apps you can download in minutes and the time investment is worth the payout.


Day 6

Utilize a Heat Map

We’re all about making data-driven decisions for your business. A heat map will help you determine how your readers are actually using your site and then adjust accordingly. Maybe you have a newsletter signup in your sidebar that no one uses. Might be time to move it or ditch it altogether.


Day 7

Check Font Size and Line Height

Improve ad performance with an increased font size and line height. We recommend 18px for font size and 1.6px for line height. Bigger is better, but there is such a thing as too big — we don’t recommend going larger than 22px.


Day 8

Audit Your Plugins

When was your last self audit? It’s smart to periodically check your plugins to ensure they’re not interfering with user experience or ads. Get rid of anything you no longer need for easier troubleshooting. Bonus points if you pair today’s plugin audit with the tip from day six!


Day 9

Check For Signals That Might Make Someone Leave

Things like newsletter opt ins, related post widgets and affiliate native shopping ads can look like “end of post cues.” Use heat maps to optimize your most valuable content and look for any roadblocks in your content that might cause readers to leave before they find what they’re looking for.


Day 10

Improve Engagement and First-Party Data with

Run and incentivize your readers to log in and provide first-party data. You’ll start earning more today, drive more engagement and be more prepared for the end of third-party cookies.


Day 11

Increase Your Word Count with Relevant Content

Increasing your word count has many benefits. Not only will it provide more opportunities for ad impressions, it will also raise your chances of being found by search engines. Make sure that your posts consist of quality content and contain useful information for your readers.


Day 12

Disable Adhesion Close

Adhesion units (those banner ads at the bottom of your website) are big revenue generators. Disabling the Adhesion Close Button can increase adhesion revenue by 10%, but keeping it enabled for readers to click provides a better user experience. It’s all about finding the balance that’s right for you.


Day 13

Use Create For Your Most Valuable Content

Spiff up your most valuable content with our WordPress plugin, Create by Mediavine®. The tools for Lists, Recipes and How-To cards help you add valuable Schema data to your posts in a way that’s pretty, printable and reader-friendly.


Day 14

Evaluate Your Video Strategy

Mediavine has many video capabilities so you can choose your own adventure. Whether you have no video, a video on every post or something in between, you can capitalize on the high CPMs that video brings in.

Day 15

Add Category Playlists

Bring in extra revenue by creating category video playlists that display on category pages as well as any posts within that category that don’t have an embedded video. This feature gives users a more natural video experience and can increase video ad impressions.