The Top 5 of Mediavine On Air 2022…so far!

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Are we alone in being shocked that it’s already June?

To celebrate reaching the half-year mark, we’re sharing the top 5 episodes of our podcast, Mediavine On Air. Check them out below!

1. Building Traffic with Jenn Fishkind and Tanya Harris

There are many metrics that make up a successful site, but traffic still remains near the top.

On Mediavine On Air Episode 44, we look back at a former Summer of Live episode with Jenn Fishkind and Tanya Harris to discuss all things traffic. The two guests use real world examples to highlight how they successfully grew their own sites and tips for listeners to do the same.

2. 2022 Roadmap with Eric Hochberger

What’s a new year without a roadmap to guide us?

Mediavine’s CEO Eric Hochberger came on Teal Talk back in January to reveal the company’s exciting plans for 2022. On Mediavine On Air Episode 39 he updates the community about everything from programmatic advertising to the deprecation of third-party cookies.

3. Affiliate Marketing Strategy with Amanda Williams and Jeannine Crooks

There are a lot of things to make sure you stay on top of as a content creator. Your affiliate marketing strategy is probably near the top.

But when you’re just starting out…what is your strategy? How do you even begin?

Amanda Williams and Jeannine Crooks hop on Mediavine On Air Episode 43 to present their best tips and action items on how you can strategize today!

4. Taxes for Bloggers with Amy Northard

This podcast covers a lot of fun topics. But as a business owner, you also have to deal with the not-so-fun parts, including … taxes.

How do taxes work for bloggers? Guest Amy Northard explains it all on Mediavine On Air Episode 38, and she doesn’t disappoint. Make sure to listen in!

5. Inclusivity, Diversity, and Access in Blogging

While we love bringing you practical tips and strategies for running your business, we can’t overlook the human factor of content publishing.

Back in February, we talked to Beth Santos, TaKenya Hampton and Martinique Lewis on Mediavine On Air Episode 41, discussing all things inclusivity and diversity. It’s a fantastic conversation about the state of blogging today and you don’t want to miss it!

The podcast this year has been informative, action-packed and inspiring, and we can’t wait for the next six months of Mediavine On Air! Catch up on these and all of our episodes wherever you stream your favorite podcasts.

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