What Are the Mediavine Developers Up To?

female developer wearing orange sweater coding from a desktop computer in a home office

Mediavine has an amazing group of developers that are constantly working behind the scenes to not only improve our ad technology, but design new tools like Create, our WordPress plugin, that will enhance monetization and help elevate the overall quality of your site.

There is so much that we want to build and do, so we’ve greatly expanded our roster of developers in the past year to keep up with our ideas. We now have two full teams of developers: Platform Engineering and Publisher Engineering.

Alex Roth stands against a beige wall, with arms crossed.

Alex Roth

Our Publisher Engineering team works on projects like Create by Mediavine®. They’re managed by Senior Publisher Engineer Jordan Cauley, and include Seth Alling, Ethan Butler and John-Michael L’Allier.

Our Platform Engineering team works on Mediavine’s ad technology. They’re lead by the Director of Platform Engineering Tim Tyrell, and include Alex Roth, Eric Nolte, Brian Nelson, Seth Bicknell and Renae Blair.

We’ve been talking a lot about the Publisher Engineering team with the release of Create on the horizon (get a sneak peek of Create on our Facebook Live), so we wanted to give some love to our Platform Engineers and see what they’ve been up to in the last few months.

Here’s an update from Alex Roth, Software Developer (check out this video interview with Alex and subscribe to the Mediavine YouTube channel):

Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements

  • We tracked down the notorious bug where clicking “Skip Ad” during a video would open the ad and not…skip it. We’ve squashed that bug and given it a Viking funeral.
  • We’ve fixed our bug tracking process so we’re notified about the right bugs. This isn’t really a bug fix so much as a new bug watchtower we’ve set up. (Remember, if you ever experience a bug with Mediavine technology, please email in to publishers@mediavine.com so we can let the dev team know!)
  • Our videos now give you a warning if they’re still processing during upload into the Mediavine dashboard, as opposed to appearing broken when you try to play them.
  • We’ve shown the door to a video uploading bug that made it look like the video didn’t actually get uploaded.

A screen capture of Food Fanatic's videos tab on the Mediavine Dashboard.

New Features

  • We’ve partnered with Tipalti and redone our payment system! You can now get paid with wire transfer, ACH, PayPal, paper check, and more. Check out this great help article for how to get started with our new payment system and our blog post from Mediavine co-founder Matt Richenthal giving you the lowdown on Tipalti.
  • Earlier this year, we launched our GDPR CMP (Consent Management Platform) to let you easily collect consent from your EU traffic. We’ve since rolled out translations and bug fixes to make this process even smoother.
  • We’ve rolled out some major improvements to our video player that cut the bandwidth in half! This means a smoother video experience even if your readers aren’t on the best connection. (Mediavine co-founder Eric Hochberger talked all about it in his blog post and Go For Teal video series.)
  • Speaking of video, you can now search your uploaded videos instead of having to page through them manually. This should alleviate some headaches for those of you with over a hundred videos (That’s right, we see you! #YearOfTheVideo2k18)
  • The Mediavine Control Panel received some cool new updates that have brought us right into your post editor! You can now directly embed videos into your posts without having to worry about copying and pasting code.
  • We’ve added oEmbed support and worked with WP Tasty so our videos integrate with their recipe cards. This means you get all those TASTY benefits by having Mediavine videos in your recipe card’s meta data.

Mediavine Development Team members enjoy some photobooth shenanigans at MVCon.

As you can see, there’s not a lot of laurel-resting when you’re a Mediavine engineer. They’re always working to make our technology better, faster and stronger and finding new ways to help our publishers monetize.

We’re glad that we’ve got two great teams working behind the scenes for us everyday!

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