How to Increase Your Ad Impressions

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Last month we launched a unique adventure called the Sweet Land of Money to help publishers increase their impressions and CPMs in an exciting way!

Even though Q2 is quickly approaching, these tips can help you optimize content, step up your SEO game and increase your revenue no matter what season it is.

When it comes to making sure you have great performing ads, we definitely have our go-to tips — like content length, shorter paragraphs and font size — but we also have new tricks to share along with updated best practices.

All of these impression-boosting tips and tricks are tried and true, and since there’s more than one way to make a good (blog) impression, we’ve rounded up seven ways to help increase your revenue.

7 Ways to Increase Your Ad Impressions

Increase Your Earnings with Video

We can’t stress this enough. Add videos to all of your posts!

Creating video is simple with easy to use apps you can download in minutes and the time investment is worth the payout.

Optimize Your Most Valuable Content

Things like newsletter opt-ins, related post widgets and affiliate native shopping ads can look like “end of post cues.” Use heat maps to optimize your most valuable content and look for any roadblocks in your posts that might cause readers to leave before they find what they’re looking for.

Adjust Your In-Content Frequency Using Page Level Data

Adjust your ad frequency (how often ads appear in your posts) based on the length of your content and visual appeal. More ads might equal more money, but they don’t always equal the best user experience.

How Many Images Should You Use in a Post?

To make the most of pictures in your posts, use vertical images and add a hard return between pictures and text. Include as many unique images (that add value) as you can.

A couple of other quick image tips: Make sure your image completely fills the container and avoid using functions like text wrapping, which can shorten content on desktop, thereby reducing your revenue.

Increase Font Size — and Increase SEO & RPM Along With It

Improve your ad performance with an increased font size and line height. We recommend 18px for font size and 1.6px for line height. Bigger is better, but there is such a thing as too big — we don’t recommend going larger than 22px.

Word Count: Why More is More For SEO and Revenue Alike

Increasing your word count has many benefits. Not only will it provide more opportunities for ad impressions, but it will also raise your chances of being found by search engines. Make sure that your posts consist of quality content and contain useful information for your readers.

Examine Your Jump Button Settings

Believe it or not, design choices can have a big impact on your ad impressions. Here we’re specifically talking about jump buttons. A lot of readers want them but they can really impact your impressions and revenue. That’s why we advocate for offering your audience a jump button, rather than encouraging they use it.

Tl;dr: Put your ads where your readers are!

These tasks may seem daunting, but you don’t have to do them all at once. Add video to your highest performing posts first; set aside 20 minutes a day for optimizing your most valuable content.

Day by day, you’ll increase your impressions and rev up your revenue in time for Q2!

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