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Connecting brands and influencers to deliver content that convinces

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The impact of influencer marketing matters now more than ever before. There are more than 152 million blogs on the internet, with still more created every day.

Many of those publishers have spent years amassing a loyal following — people who look to them for new ideas on where to travel, what to eat, and how to style their homes.

Mediavine publishers are more than numbers. They are trusted voices. Parents. Artists. Friends. We know them, and we know their work.

We use these one-on-one relationships to deliver organic, sincere, and quality reach using content that convinces.

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Unparalleled Reach

We’ve built a thousands-strong community of lifestyle bloggers dedicated to providing authentic and engaging content to their readers, resulting in both the largest and highest-quality collection of brand-safe properties online:

7,500+ Lifestyle bloggers
125+ Million Monthly uniques
180+ Million Social media reach

What We Offer

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    Blog posts

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    Social media campaigns

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    Live Facebook & Instagram videos

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    Press trips & curated events

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    Video creation

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    Recipe development & product photography

  • megaphone-icon-sm

    Spokesperson talent

  • starperson-icon-sm

    Brand ambassadorships

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    And more!

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Diversity & Inclusion Matter

Mediavine publishers are a diverse group that represents people from all walks of life.

Many of our publishers actively seek out and prefer sponsored campaigns with brands that elevate and fairly compensate an array of influencers, including those of different races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, and more. We encourage all of our clients to prioritize inclusion as they build their campaigns and select the influencers who will represent their brand.

Available Verticals

Mediavine is a Comscore Top 20 property, and Top 4 in Lifestyle

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    Food & Drink

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    Personal Finance

  • parenting-icon-sm

    Family & Parenting

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    Home & DIY

  • entertainment-icon-sm

    Arts & Entertainment

  • sports-icon-sm

    Health & Fitness

  • scissors-icon-sm

    Hobbies & Interests

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    Style & Fashion

Mediavine does the heavy lifting when it comes to communicating and negotiating with the partners.

Wesley & Kris

They actually bring potential sponsored work to us. And not just any sponsored work, they know our brand, they understand our audience, and they work hard at finding a potential partner that is not just ideal for us, but also ideal for the partner.

We love working with Mediavine on sponsored campaigns.

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Moon Travel Guides

Mediavine has made the process of identifying the right influencers to partner with so much easier. … We’ve been able to leverage the unique strengths of their publishers this year to reach new audiences while still maintaining authenticity.