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Speed-Optimized WordPress Framework

Trellis by Mediavine includes:


Multiple custom-built child themes

Clean, condensed themes that allow your content to shine.


Automatic site speed optimizations

Trellis has built-in optimizations to improve Lighthouse scores.


Fully integrated lazy loading

Comments, iframes and images are all automatically set to lazy load, further enhancing the user experience.


Built-in Lazy Loading

We automatically lazy load your images, comments and iframes to keep your pagespeed scores high and ensure optimal engagement with your audience.

User-friendly interface

Trellis makes it easy to add Google Analytics, site verification codes, affiliate messaging, web-safe fonts and more.

Built-in Critical CSS

Trellis will generate critical CSS for every post and page that your readers visit, eliminating page load warnings and improving user experience.

Trellis Images

Next-generation image optimization is here with the Trellis Images plugin, ensuring your photos load quickly and beautifully.

Optimized for Ads

Featuring new and exclusive native and feed placement ad units, higher viewability and improved RPMs, Trellis is built with Mediavine Ad Management best practices in mind.

Follows WordPress Conventions

Developed with Gutenberg in mind; use one of our exclusive plug-in utilities to build beautiful static homepages and category index pages (coming soon!)


Trellis Icons-03


Our speed-optimized WordPress framework.

$14.95/mo $149/yr

Mediavine Child Themes

One-time purchase of a theme. Wisteria, Bamboo and Birch are currently available.

Trellis Icons-01

Trellis Concierge

Make the switch easy with our installation service which includes a plugin audit.


The Wisteria child theme on the blog page of Nomadic Boys.

The Birch child theme on the homepage of Stuffed Suitcase.

The Wisteria Child Theme on the homepage of Stay Snatched.

The core Trellis theme on a Create recipe card from The Curious Chickpea.

The Bamboo child theme Create recipe card from Houseful of Handmade.

A custom Trellis theme on a blog post from Reality Blurred.

Results with Trellis

46.6% Increase in Sessions

Compared to 32.3% for non-Trellis sites

Year-over-year (Jan. 2021)

52% Higher Revenue Increase

After switching to Trellis

Year-over-year (Jan. 2021)

Plugins You Won't Need With Trellis

  • Photo compression plugins
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript optimizers
  • Font plugins

Increase your site speed and save money by switching to Trellis.
By removing the plugins above, you can save up to $140 a year

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Trellis is in beta

Trellis child themes currently available are the core theme, Bamboo, Birch and Wisteria.

Sign up for Trellis beta and grow with us as we build a library of child themes and plugins to help you focus on writing great content, while enhancing your readers’ experience.

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